Oh, Right, Basketball!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Falcons win 39-69!

We had our first district game last night, which was just what I needed to get out of my Worst Team Mom Ever slump. I've had a really hard time making it to home games and getting game-day treats together the past month or so, but the dust is starting to settle around here and I'm feeling it again! After school yesterday, while the big girls had their voice lesson, Phoebe helped me put together treats to make up for all the lameness. It would probably make up for it more if I had something prepared for Thursday's game, too, but baby steps, right? I'm thinking a treat-prepping night is in order sometime soon.

The minute I started coming out of this moving/Christmas/illness haze I remembered how much I love going to games. Our boys are so talented, and our coach is so dreamy! 

We watched part of Remember the Titans the other night and Avalon immediately formed the life goal of being just like that coach's daughter, vowing to focus on the game and not ask for five million trips to the concession stand or the ladies room. She followed through, too, much more than I expected. "I don't want to color, Lainey, I'm focusing. Now Devon has the ball...now Hunter does...our team is the BEST TEAM!" 

Lainey followed her lead, although she protested that basketball games are too long to focus the whole time. Phoebe threw such a fit when we were heading out the door that I was tempted to let her stay home with GiGi, but she was very nearly angelic during the entire game, saving the rest of her tantrum until we got home again. I'll take it!

My favorite thing about last night, though, was that there was this whole best-of-both-worlds scenario going on. I got to spend time with my girls, sitting in the stands and watching the game together, and I got to support my boys and cheer them on at the same time. AND THEN I was able to take the girls home, read bedtime stories and tuck them in...then go out to dinner with Aaron and some of the team because Kim and Dan were home. Not once all evening did I feel like I was choosing one part of my family over another part, and it was wonderful! Before we moved I could ask Kim or my mom to watch the girls so I could go with Aaron, but I would feel awful about missing an evening with them, especially if we'd been apart at school all day. Or I could be at home with my babies, but not see my husband until really late. Last night I was thoroughly disoriented because there wasn't anything to feel bad about! It was fantastic! 

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  1. Ah, I love that things are working out so well for all of you! How fun!


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