Ooh, Look! Another Virus! Let's Bring it Home!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Aaron and Phoebe have both fallen - and fallen hard - to a nasty stomach bug that is making the rounds right now. Which, no. Didn't I JUST finally get everyone all healthy? Didn't I JUST say we were done being sick? I'm about ready to put life in time-out, and don't you MAKE me turn this universe around because I will TURN IT AROUND.

Kim took Phoebe to the pediatrician yesterday because we were getting worried about dehydration since this has been going on with her for a few days now. Probiotics were suggested, which I kind of already knew, thanks. The trick is getting her to take them and keep them down.

Aaron started feeling awful on Monday night, which he spent mostly in throwing up. He tried going to work anyway yesterday, but had to give up after a few classes. Most people, I think, would just stay home, but he had a GAME TO COACH last night, so yeah. He was too sick to drive, so Dan drove him back to Flint at the end of the day and then drove the shuttle out to Flower Mound for the game. Flower Mound is not close to Arlington! That is not a pleasant trip to make whilst trying to keep your Gatorade down and being pestered to death by teenagers! 

I spent the evening cuddling poor Phoebe and waiting on tenterhooks for the outcome of the game. I knew he would blame himself and be miserable, and the boys would be horribly discouraged, if they lost this game. Fortunately I received plenty of updates from one of my lovely students. 

So yay! It's not every man that can coach his team to victory while in the throes of such an illness. If you needed more proof of his willpower, he made it through the entire game and the high-fives before ALLOWING himself to throw up. 

And also, yeah, Phoebe. Throwing up didn't bother her one bit, and neither did sudden diarrhea, but when I stood up to clean us both up and change her diaper (which at that point was all she was wearing, other than an Olaf blanket) she got furious mad. WE ARE WATCHING OVER THE HEDGE AND SNUGGLING, WOMAN! WHAT'S A LITTLE EXTRA MOISTURE? Is what I think she said. What she did was throw the mother of all tantrums, twisting sideways and upside down, shrieking, flailing, biting, causing poo to go flying about freely...all while Lainey decided that her hangnail had just reached emergency status and needed attention THIS INSTANT.

I was a thankful woman when I had them all in bed and could do my best to sanitize everything. Lysol! Thieves Oil! Chlorox wipes! Throw everything you've got at it!

(but seriously, I probably wouldn't stop by for a visit without a hazmat suit anytime soon)

Aaron finally made it home to be dosed with Sprite and Saltine crackers. He and Phoebe have both had an uneventful night, thankfully, and the rest of us don't seem to have fallen prey to The Foulness. We'll just cover ourselves in GermX and hope for the best!


  1. Oh, no! I hope you didn't get it! Lily got a stomach bug last week and I was fortunate to get it over the weekend. It was not fun! I hope both our families stay healthy now for the rest of the winter. :)


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