Quick Takes

Friday, January 30, 2015

1. I love sitting with my laptop in the upstairs family room on weekend mornings, listening to the house slowly wake up. I can hear Aaron snoring faintly, and Avalon and Lainey wake up and get out a puzzle to put together in their room until it's time to get up. Phoebe is looking at a book in her crib and babbling to herself. Just for this little space of time, it's wonderfully peaceful.

2. I guess that in an absolutely perfect world I wouldn't ever get anxiety attacks. The next best thing, though, is definitely having a husband who knows exactly how to help me through one when it strikes. I am so crazy in love with that man!

3. He and Phoebe are both feeling significantly better and I think (knock on wood!) that the rest of us have been spared the evil stomach bug. I felt fairly sick yesterday, but I think it was more of an anxiety thing than a virus. And thank goodness, because I can't get a stomach bug! It wouldn't matter if my entire household and the whole school and the greater part of the Metroplex came down with it and were violently ill...let me admit to feeling queasy and the "Are you SURE you're not pregnant again?"s would commence. 
(I'm not. Someday I will be. Yay babies! I'll let you know when, and I'll publish a list of the questions and comments that will earn you unrepentant throat punches. Imaginary ones, but still.)

4. Avalon and Lainey's class went on a field trip to see Charlotte's Web performed at Casa Manana this week, and they are now all about spiders and pigs. Mostly spiders. Which is funny, because they were never interested in the movie of it. Now they want to read it as soon as we finish Pinnochio. I question us ever finishing Pinnochio, but as sick of it as I am, it certainly gets its point across to the pre-k/kindergarten set. "HE'S MAKING ANOTHER BAD CHOICE, MAMA, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!" Can be heard most bedtimes. I love reading to them.

5. Flint's Open House is tomorrow, so today I have to try and banish as many yellow feathers from my classroom as possible, thanks to those wee little dancing Woodstock costumes we've been working on all week. I also have to decide which type of mini-lesson to go with for my presentation. I never can pick until I see who shows up in my room, though, so really I have to plan for several contingencies. Narration, ANI columns, or just a lot of rambling on and on about how come there's so many feathers everywhere...we'll see!

6. The cast list for the upper school play was announced this week, and I've been inundated with students wanting to know/wanting to tell me what their costumes will look like. I refuse to think about Guys and Dolls right now! I insist. We're working on Charlie Brown costumes, and I really need to finish them before my trip, so you will just have to WAIT PATIENTLY. I try to tell myself the same thing, but I can't stop looking at cast pictures. I'm kind of a hypocrite, I guess.

7. The Circe apprenticeship retreat is in TWO WEEKS. So soon! I know I need this time to be Just Nicole, more even than I have in the past, and I'm letting myself acknowledge that without feeling horribly guilty. Regular guilty, yes, just not horribly. Being away from my family for an entire week is hard. And I enjoy it so much as soon as I'm there, that I usually feel ashamed of myself. Which is silly. I wouldn't feel so bad if I was miserable, is what it amounts to, and that doesn't even make sense! Except to a mama. So I'm acknowledging that as a human being it's okay to enjoy a week away from my ordinary responsibilities. It helps, knowing that Aaron won't be trying to take care of everything by himself this time. I can worry less about preparing meals in advance and more about the chapters and basketball games I'll be missing.


  1. Yay for (future) babies! I love that your tinies aren't even having Pinocchio's nonsense. Haha

    Happy Friday ♡

  2. Yay for (future) babies! I love that your tinies aren't even having Pinocchio's nonsense. Haha

    Happy Friday ♡

  3. I know what you mean about waking up slowly in a quiet house. It's so relaxing. Your blog is adorable and I'll be following you via bloglovin!

  4. So glad people are doing better and so far no one else is sick! Hope you have a wonderful weekend enjoying your beautiful family. :)


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