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Friday, January 23, 2015

I've been feeling sleep-deprived and crabby all week -  I've even had grumpy dreams every night and woken up MORE crabby. It's been kind of a vicious cycle. I've decided to put an end to it by getting lots and lots more sleep this weekend and focusing on the stuff that makes me happy. Aaron wanted me to go to Plano with him last night to keep him company (he has to drive one of our boys home out there every other weekend or so, and I usually sit at home worrying about the long drive late at night on rainy roads) and I wanted to, but instead I made myself stay home, take a hot bath, and fall into a deep, deep sleep before they had even made it out of Mood on Project Runway All-Stars. I didn't wake up until just now, totally disoriented, with the TV off and Aaron snoring beside me. I never even heard him come in! I feel significantly less crabby now.

As far as Things That Make Me Happy go, these little monsters pretty much top the list. As do their sock buns, and the matching coats that Kim gave them for Christmas. Getting to dress up THREE girly little girls has got to be one of the best things ever!

 I also really love our longer drive to and from school every day, because we have more time to talk. Yesterday we spent almost the entire drive home on Nuances of Inflection and Shades of Meaning in Language, thanks to a rousing sing-along of Shut up and Dance with the radio. Because shut up is a bad word, so why is that girl saying it to that boy? Why was that boy happy about it?
We thought about all the different ways you could say the phrase, they way your tone could change its meaning, and the various situations where it would and would NOT be appropriate to use it.

(Being informed that you are princess of Genovia is a totally appropriate time to say shut up, fyi)

My own Shut UP! moment of the week was when I called to book Avalon's birthday party at the Dr. Pepper Star Center ice rink (because of course she wants a Frozen party, and ice skating just made sense...) and when I mentioned the theme I was told that if I wanted, our skating instructor could be ELSA. I'm not telling Avalon, so don't mention it to her if you see her...I want to surprise her with something since she's so overly involved in planning every detail, for one thing, and also I would hate for her to be disappointed if Elsa didn't show up for whatever reason. But still. SO DISPROPORTIONATELY EXCITED ABOUT THIS!

We started on the Charlie Brown costumes this week, and I do mean we, because this year I get TWO student assistants, girls who are interested in fashion and are also calm and sensible and fun to be around. Abby helped me with last year's costumes (and just about saved my life) and this year we added Mikey to our little team. We did some fittings, spray painted a dozen sunglasses, started upcycling a thrift store Easter dress into the costume for Sally Brown (which involved, among other things, the girls passing the dress back and forth during their lecture classes so they could take a Sharpie to all of the pastel embroidered polka dots) and dyed a lot of large Dollar Tree socks yellow.

"Why are you doing that? Whose costume could those POSSIBLY be for?" We keep getting asked. "Just wait and see." We keep answering. (and also, more often than you'd think, "No, it isn't pee. Go away.")

I'm beyond happy with my little costume crew, and I'm not one who delegates easily. But they're perfect! Now I just have to think of an impressive-sounding title for their transcripts. And find more hot glue guns.

My two younger classes have finished reading Number the Stars (the others will read The Hiding Place once we finish To Kill a Mockingbird) as the making-the-Holocaust-real portion of this year's literature. We have some writing to do about Number but we're also going to jump into our next books really quickly. The seventh grade is going to do A Wrinkle in Time. The other, more intermediate class will read that, too, but first they're doing The Outsiders. And we HAVE classroom sets of both books, all new and shiny and ready for next week. If brand new wonderful books aren't happy-making, I don't know what is!

Aaron and I are going to go see Flint's drama and language arts teacher, Mr. Douglas, in The Mousetrap this weekend, and I can't wait! I loooooooove Agatha Christie! And plays! And dates with my husband!

There! Now I'm feeling well-rested AND cheerful...what a great way to start the day!


  1. I want to guess..Woodstock?! :)

  2. I want to guess..Woodstock?! :)

  3. I hope your weekend is continuing to go well and allow you plenty of rest!


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