Weekend Update: Refreshed

Monday, January 26, 2015

Considering that my biggest goals for this past weekend were things like "finally catch up on sleep" and "take a nap every day" it's probably not that impressive that I met all of my goals. However, I am all caught up on sleep and it is glorious. I feel all reasonable and perky and everything. It's kind of nice!

On Friday we ran some errands and worked at the school for a few hours with girls in tow, then Aaron wrote some of his progress reports and I cleaned and did laundry (and took a heavenly, heavenly nap) and such-like domesticity. It was blissfully boring, is what it was.

Saturday was essentially the same day, except in the evening we went to Ft. Worth for a date! 

We got to eat lobster ravioli, see Mr. Douglas kill it as the creepy mysterious Paravicini, and enjoy all the ambiance from that night's rodeo. It was pretty much perfect!

Sunday morning was special because Phoebe got to be part of the Baby Blessing at church, even though she was a bit old, because it's the first one they've had since we became members. I was so happy she was included! 

She was funny, too. While we were up there with the other families and new babies, she was very quietly muttering, "Wanna eat. Wanna eat." Then she was so snuggly and well-behaved that we never had to take her back to the nursery, which I did NOT see coming. It had me worried that she was getting sick again, but as far as I can tell she just decided it was time for some uninterrupted cuddles. 

In the afternoon Aaron finished up his progress reports, the boys finished staining the fence (an actual job that Dan hired them to do, leading to multiple rounds of, "You don't have to pay us, we can just DO it!" and, "If you don't want to spend the money then put it towards your senior trip.") and I baked cookies for the week. Overly elaborate cinnamon-sugar squirrel cookies, because that's what happens when I am well-rested. I dig through the cookie-cutter drawer, find the squirrel-shaped cutter, and it just kind of takes off from there.

I realized too late that the squirrels ought to be HOLDING some sort of candy, alas. Next time!

After nap time I took the girls to the little community playground that we drive past EVERY DAY but NEVER EVER play in. There's not much to it, but the big girls had a lot of fun helping Phoebe navigate it, seeing as how they are experts at all things playground.

We came home and made chicken tortilla soup and watched Rio, so they were quite pleased with the evening. Later, when the girls were all bathed and had their hair braided and were tucked into bed, and I got out of the shower and was cozied up watching Hulu on my laptop and painting my nails, and Aaron was stretched out next to me adjusting student schedules...I decided it had been just about the perfect weekend! 

Sleep! Who knew, right?


  1. Sleep is a fabulous thing! Those squirrel cookies are super cute! I myself had surgery on Friday so I can not say I did anything more than just relax and that is fine with me! Beautiful family! Have a great week!

  2. Love sleep, those squirrel cookies, and accomplished weekends! Your blog is great! Following along now so I can see more great things! LOVE that you and your hubby are teachers and that your students board with you. My hubby is a youth pastor and my kids love the teens being around! It's such a cool thing! :-)
    Cathy @ three kids and a fish

  3. Oh, these pics at the park are so cute! The squirrel cookies look great, to me; they're cookies, right? :) Thanks so much for linking up with the blog today; I love that you're a fellow (well, I'm recovering) Texan - woo hoo! Hope your week is off to a great start!

  4. Yay, sleep! Can I also have some of that lobster ravioli? I don't even care at the moment that it would be a terrible idea, it just looks so good!

  5. Yay for going on a date:) Also, the squirrel cookies are adorable! :)

    Julie @ velvet-rose.net


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