Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, January 12, 2015

This weekend we did not Accomplish! All! The Things! like I wanted to, but rather laid low and rested. It was dreadful. Phoebe and I both got sick mid-week, which was infinitely frustrating to me for myself because didn't I JUST DO the whole sick thing? I totally don't have time to be sick again. And awfully scary because my little monster baby was so miserable and pathetic. She stayed home with GiGi on Thursday, I took her to the pediatrician on Friday...and I'm not one to make sick-visit appointments lightly. I'm not one to jump quickly to antibiotics, either, but we did that, too. That baby was sick. She didn't have any appetite for days, and instead of running around causing mayhem she just wanted to be held for hours on end. It was pitiful. She's a million times better now, thank goodness, and she and I were the only ones in the household to succumb to whatever-it-was. I've practically been spraying Lysol in my sleep all weekend! 

The older girls, who felt just fine, were pretty bored all weekend. They like to go places and do things! Instead they got to stare out the dining room window and watch the construction workers framing the house two lots over from us. One of them wears a hat that looks just like a bear's head, so naturally he is our favorite. Give it a few months and they'll be mystifying the new neighbors by insisting that a bear built their house, they SAW IT.

Luckily most colleges hadn't started back up, so we've had a steady trickle of Flint alums visiting. When we came home from dance class on Thursday and Scotty was here, Avalon nearly lost her mind. She's missed him like you wouldn't believe, frequently asking why does Scotty have to go to college? She attached herself to him the minute she saw him, and it was no joke getting her to let him go!

Now Phoebe is all better and I refuse to be sick any longer (or ever again, for that matter) we can get back to normal life again FOR REAL. 

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