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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

For the grammar school production of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown this month the first/second grade class is going to do a dance number as miniature Woodstocks, and even though we've been mostly finished with their costumes for a while now, my classroom is still covered in yellow feather fluff. COVERED.

(Sorry in advance, parents of first/second graders. You'll probably be finding stray feathers for a few days after the show! But your little birdies will be adorable!)

This was actually a fairly straightforward project, underneath all the drifts of fluff (seriously, don't talk to me about glitter, it's feathers that stay around for all of eternity) because the kids will be wearing yellow t-shirts for the entire play and they just needed some Woodstock accessories to slip on for their dance.

I was wary of masks, which tend to be uncomfortable for tinies and slip off too easily, so when I saw this picture on Pinterest I decided that glasses were the way to go!

The best deal I found on glasses were party favor packs of sunglasses, so we popped out the lenses and spray painted the frames. The beaks are just triangles of that bendy foam board stuff, hot glued beneath the bridge. There was nothing else to these except hot gluing feathers and bling in place, then trimming the feathers a little so they wouldn't be too tickly.

My inspiration for the wings was this picture:
Which caught my eye because we wouldn't have to deal with attaching wings to shirts or shoulders. Plus, the kids are flapping their arms like wings a lot in their dance, so this concept adds to that visual more than regular wings would. I didn't have eight little pairs of arm-length gloves, so I bought packages of plain socks at the Dollar Tree, cut them up and dyed them yellow to make the base I needed. The rest of the project was a lot of trial and error, but eventually I settled on tying strips of tulle and then attaching feathers over it to get a nice floaty thing going on. Several marabou boas were sacrificed so we could attach strips of them to the tops and make everything MORE FLUFFY!

The rest of the socks were turned into feathered leg-warmers by cutting up feather boas and attaching them to the unfinished ends, like so!

I still want to make tail feathers somehow or other, but I've been forcing myself to focus on getting all of the other costumes finished first, since this could be good enough if we ran out of time. Once I had the basic concepts figured out, this was one of those assembly-line type projects, and it went by SO MUCH FASTER because I had my costume crew girls helping! Thanks to them, I suspect that I'll have time to make tail feathers after all!

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