Quick Takes: Snow and Theatre

Friday, February 27, 2015

We had Monday and Tuesday both off because of snow and ice...it was that pathetic, scraggly, Texas kind of snow, but SNOW! nonetheless. We haven't had any at all this year, and the girls have been wishing for some.

Naturally we had to spend plenty of time playing outside in it, shrieking Let it Go and hurling tiny ice pellets everywhere.

It all partially melted and then re-froze into a less fun sort of mess, so we spent Tuesday mostly indoors. In pajamas. With crazy bed-head. Because we could.

It snowed on Wednesday and Thursday, too, but it didn't mess with the roads or stick enough to cancel school. It's snowing again right now, and if I'm forced to cancel Avalon's birthday party tomorrow she will be significantly less enamored of snow. Right now she is mostly convinced that it's a present for her birthday week, since God knew she wanted it to snow.

I had planned to spend the school week catching up on everything since I was out the week before, and maybe even finishing up some of our books, but since we lost half the week I gave my students a creative writing assignment for Wednesday and Thursday so I could finish up the last of the costumes for the grammar school play. They had to read Androcles and the Lion and then re-write it from the first person perspective and change the setting, while still showcasing the moral of the story. By and large they enjoyed it so much that I think we'll have to do this sort of assignment more often. Several students wrote more than I've seen from them all year!

The play -You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown- was last night and the kids were WONDERFUL! It was for pre-k through sixth graders, with a seventh grader as Charlie Brown himself. Our drama, vocal, and dance teachers taught them so well in such a small amount of rehearsal time - it shouldn't even have been possible. I love that Flint has such a strong theatre program, and that it has expanded to include the younger students. They learn so much from experiences like this! 


Avalon and Lainey's class was a dancing blanket ensemble for the Linus solo, and Avalon also had a part with a teeny line in it, which thrilled her to no end. I found a vintage dress that fit her perfectly, which thrilled me to no end. Good times!


  1. It has been a great week, But I think we got your share of snow. We have had more than enough for snowmen and sledding most of the week in Duncanville

  2. I was trying to figure out what they were- Linus' blanket! Too cute!

  3. I am loving your little girls jackets! I want one in my size :)


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