Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, February 9, 2015

This was one of those get-stuff-done weekends that make me extra grateful to have Fridays off! Without them, I'm fairly certain that my weekends would just be solid walls of frantic tasks, no time for snuggles or naps or enjoying my family at all. And they are awfully enjoyable people!

Friday was laundry, chores, and running semi-futile errands. The zipper on Lainey's beloved ladybug lunchbox broke last week, so we were on a quest to find an Elsa lunchbox to replace it. Target was the only place that had one, but it was the wrong size. I ended up ordering one on Amazon that evening and it was delivered the next morning, which was crazy. I was also looking for Frozen invitations for Avalon's birthday party, having determined that I didn't have time for any more craft projects, BUT there was only one set to be found anywhere, and I hated it a lot, so I definitely ended up in the paper craft aisle at Hobby Lobby anyway...

(Note to all retailers: if you could just go ahead and stock Frozen everything? My life would be a lot simpler and I would give you all of my money. For real.)

We stopped at the school as we were finishing up errands, just in time to see the last load of sand getting dumped in the playground for the new sand volleyball court! 

Needless to say, we stayed a lot longer than anticipated so the girls could enjoy the new sand. I expect they'll be significantly dirtier by the end of each school day now, and thank goodness! Playing and getting dirty is childhood as it should be.

Saturday morning we DID get the whole health insurance thing dealt with, and then felt so invincible that we took on the downstairs living room, which has been sort of an unpacking and sorting station all this time. It isn't finished yet (spoiler alert: no room in this house is what you could call "finished", and probably won't be until *cough* spring break *cough*) but we moved stuff and hung stuff and donated stuff until it was a much more inviting space. Then I raced around and did the rest of my weekend chores at warp speed so I could enjoy game night, which we haven't had in FOREVER!
I was still too much in Doing Stuff mode to be able to sit still for an entire game of Catan, though, so I ended up making Avalon's invitations between turns.

I used this free printable template that I found via Pinterest, some stiff sparkle paper that was fifty percent off at Hobby Lobby, and cheap little snowflake brads. That's it. Considering that I didn't actually want to make invitations, these were really easy and inexpensive. I had a hard time leaving them as they were, because I like to complicate my life with the hot glue gun and bling, but Aaron talked me out of further embellishment.

After church on Sunday I did a good bit of baking and the girls played with the little sister of one of our boys, who came over for a few hours. By the time I had dinner going there was an unholy mess in the family room, but I bribed them one and all with manicures and everything was cleaned up in record time.

Teeny little heart pies for homework rewards and lunchbox deserts this week, because VALENTINE'S DAY!

Aaron is taking a Financial Peace class on Sunday afternoons, and he came back bearing flowers and Starbucks to help me stay chipper for all the rest of the Valentine projects I had to do once the girls were in bed. He knows what's up!

We watched a million episodes of Big Bang Theory while I powered through Valentines for my students, for the girls to give out, for my own crew at home, and for the pre-k class party. It was a very Pinterest-y kind of evening!

(Tucked away in the attic, waiting for Valentine's breakfast!)
Seriously, though, I love Valentine's Day!

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