Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, March 30, 2015

We had such a happy weekend! After such a long, gloomy winter, it's easy to forget how much lighter you feel in the spring.

The girls spent a lot of it working on their new obsession, the fairy garden. They can't get enough of it, and it's a project/game that I love. They are outside using their imaginations until dark. The yard is still pretty muddy under the new sod, but that's okay. A little mud is good for the soul.

The fairy garden is right outside the dining room window, so it's easy to keep an eye on them, too.

I set out a few Easter decorations this weekend, although not many because I can't find my tub of Easter stuff and after the whole St. Patrick's Day thing I'm not inclined to go digging around in the attic. We went shopping for Easter dresses, which I was disproportionately excited about, and had some arts and crafts time.

(Phoebe's idea of coloring mostly consists of getting other people to color for her.)

Sunday was my favorite, favorite day of the weekend, though. The children carried palm branches and sang Hosanna for Palm Sunday...

AND Jamie was baptized. I was so proud of him! Especially because he was SO nervous. I kept tearing up during the rest of the service, I couldn't help myself. It was just such a joyful morning!

Love him!

Sometimes we just really need a few happy days to get us through the messy, crazy days that are more par for the course. 

Now, tell me about your weekend!


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Quick Takes: T-Rex Mama

Friday, March 27, 2015

1. One of our boys, who is in college now, sent me a screenshot of a picture he had accidentally tagged me in. I died laughing.

2. This is legitimately how about a third of the upper school students see me.

3. Two of my classes started reading The Cross and the Switchblade this week. When we got to the part where the pastor is driving into New York and doubting that God really was calling him to go forth and minister to gang members, the students were intrigued that he had a friend open the Bible to a random page and read the verse he blindly pointed at for confirmation. Could God give signs to people like that? Would he? Was it treating the Bible like a fortune cookie, or was it a way to feel closer to God? A lively debate followed. The loudest opponent of the whole concept insisted that he would prove it to his classmates. 

"Give me a Bible! It's not going to work....I'm telling y'all, it's not going to work! It's...wait, I want a different page."
I read over his shoulder before he could move his finger, "And I, even I the LORD, am against you."
We considered the debate as being resolved and got on with class.

4. Meanwhile, on the parenting of toddlers front:

5. It sounds completely unbelievable, especially in the context of #4 up there, but I have officially gone an entire school week without drinking any coffee. This down from what was truly an inhuman amount of coffee consumption! I have switched to ONLY TEA at home and at school, and I'm actually really loving it. A student surprised me with a skinny latte on Tuesday, but I had already decided that the occasionally Starbucks wasn't getting cut out anyway because that is no kind of life! 

6. Avalon and Lainey and I stopped to explore a new vintage clothing store that has opened up by their dance studio yesterday. They wandered around admiring everything while I chatted with the owner about the possibility of renting a dress for the play...and then about Flint...and then about learning disabilities...all while their post-dance class cookies were WAITING FOR THEM at the Cookie Machine a few doors down. They were such good sports! Their patience was rewarded when we walked back to the minivan a little bit later, cookies in hand, and the owner called us back into the shop to give the girls some adorable little rings. Oh, the perks of being good shopping buddies!

7. Oh, and I think I'm going to start making the Weekend Wrap-Up posts a link-up, if anyone wants to join in on Monday!

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Great Jumpin' Hera!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Getting fully settled into the new house - pictures hung, things looking just exactly the way we want, that kind of really settled - is a slow process. Mostly because we're really busy, partly because it's nice to be a little deliberate about the whole process and that takes time. Which is fine if you are naturally a patient soul, and highly character building if you are me. HOWEVER, the girls' bathroom came completely together over spring break, and simply having one little room all finished and just right makes me very, very happy! It's encouraging to see progress trickling along.

I've been wanting to do a superhero bathroom for FOREVER. Their bedrooms are highly frou-frou, which I love, but I felt like we needed a small break from pink and glitter. Also, they really love superheroes. A lot. Also, I am not about to turn the upstairs bathroom into Elsa's Ice Palace Extravaganza or whatever. Thus far, and no further, Frozen.
It evolved from there to being a Wonder Woman bathroom specifically... I found a metal Wonder Woman sign on sale at Hobby Lobby a while ago, then over break I found a shower curtain at Target that looks like part of her outfit, and it just snowballed. Plus, Wonder Woman is awesome!

Here it is:

The Bang and Pow signs, and the WW sign by the hand towel are all metal, and I found them 50% off at Hobby Lobby. We already had the blue footstool, I just cut out the WW logo and Mod Podged it on. I had painted the oval frame red a long time ago, so all I had to do there was stick a collage in it. I could NOT for the life of me get a picture that showed it well, but the rhinestones spell out 'Fierce', even though you can see it in real life. The pictures on either side of it are just comic book cover pages Mod Podged onto black poster board. The star on the mirror was from Hobby Lobby, too, in the 4th of July section. I'm thinking about getting two more next time I go, so you can see I have a loose definition of "completely finished!"
So there's one room down!

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Our Three Peas

Weekend Wrap-Up: All Stars

Monday, March 23, 2015

This last weekend of spring break was a fun one! It was the TCAF all-star weekend, so there was a lot of this going on:

Kim and I got to go to the coach's game and see Aaron and Dan play, which is a rare treat. The boys couldn't stand to just watch a basketball game, though. A few minutes after I took this picture they jumped up to help the other team out and take on Coach and Coach Dan.

Spoiler Alert: the boys lost. There's no school like the old school, baby!

I love all-star weekend because the boys are suddenly put on teams WITH people who have been their rivals all year. It's wonderful to see them put all that aside and work together. I know Aaron loved getting to coach the Division II all-star team, especially since Flint had three players make the team!

We brought the girls to watch the big game so they could see their brothers play one last time this year. Phoebe was super excited, even though she was barely interested in any games all season. She stood on the seat next to me, holding my hand and yelling, "BAKABALL!" over and over. We were a noisy crowd and she loved clapping and cheering whenever everyone else did. Her absolute favorite thing was picking Bernachi out on the court and shrieking, "ACHI! YAY!"

I didn't get to be there for the three-point contest or some of the other events, but I was there for the dunk contest, which is my favorite anyway. I'll never stop being amazed that people can fly like that.

In between all-star activities we had plenty of ordinary things to do- visiting the pediatrician, doing laundry, taking care of a few dozen random chores, doing all the baking, going to church- just generally getting prepared to rock the last eight weeks of school.

We picked up tacos after church yesterday. "It's Taco SUNDAY!" chanted the girls. They might have watched the Lego Movie over break. Twice. It took me like two days to get that they were quoting it when they kept randomly suggesting we, "eat some delicious chicken wings and get CRA-ZY!" I just thought it sounded like a pretty decent idea.

Everything feels nice and orderly and settled right now, which I love. Last night the girls were tucked in bed, all clean and cozy, hair braided for school...I was spending a nice chunk of time in the kitchen, baking and prepping things for the week...Aaron and Jamie and Shawn were playing Legendary nearby...and I just felt all warm and fuzzy for my big, crazy family. They're my favorite.


Mischief Managed

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

We're at the mid-point of spring break, which means I'm struggling to determine if I've been frittering away a precious week off. Too much relaxing? Too much working? Who can tell! We've done lots of work around the house that's been waiting for just such a break. I hit the $5 bag sale HARD for Guys and Dolls costumes. As in, I spent $105 for $1,145 worth of beautiful, beautiful loot. As soon as we get back to school I'll be diving completely into costuming, but I'm making myself wait until then so I can focus on homey stuff all week. Even though I have IDEAS! That need to be UNLEASHED!
The girls have enjoyed pretty weather at the neighborhood playground, their play-kitchen that we just now retrieved from storage, Avalon's new Easy Bake oven (and all the rest of her birthday presents), and the new Cinderella movie. The boys have enjoyed sleeping in and playing basketball, which I know comes as a huge surprise. We're gearing up for the All-Star game this weekend. Aaron (as the coach of our division's champions!) will be coaching one of the teams, and a big portion of our guys made the All-Star roster, so we're excited!

Oh, and the leprechauns struck again, naturally.

I went to set everything up early yesterday morning and very nearly broke our house. We put all the holiday storage tubs in the attic space, on boards set across the beams. Behind that there is a lot of fluffy attic fill stuff and...ceiling. Which is pretty easy to crash through. Like if you slipped and accidentally pushed the storage tub you were trying to get, so that it fell backwards and spewed out its contents into the fill. It didn't actually break the ceiling, because luckily my St. Patrick's Day stuff is all pretty light, but I was terrified for a moment there. If you had been here, you could have watched me haul several giant boxes and tubs out of the attic so I could stand on the furthest edge of the flooring and lean out to hook the contents of the ill-fated tub out of the fluff with a golf club, one by one. In my pajamas. Without any coffee. Trying not to wake everyone up OR slip again and crash through Kim and Dan's bathroom ceiling. 

Making childhood magic would be an awful lot easier if I possessed a magical wand. Or basic hand-eye coordination.

HOWEVER, I got it all straightened out and the leprechaun strike all set up before the kids woke up, so I'm counting it as a win! The leprechauns left some treats and treasures in our green cauldron, and turned our milk green, just like they always do.

In the evening we had our corned beef and cabbage, soda bread, and Lucky Charms parfait, just like we always do.

 And at bedtime we read The Three Wishes, just like we always do.

We just really love our traditions around here.

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