Frozen Birthday Party!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Avalon finally had her birthday party, almost a whole month later than her actual birthday, but she declared it to be the best party ever and worth the wait!

Naturally she had to be Elsa for the party...we went all out with glitter and hair jewels and snowflake nail polish... and Lainey and Phoebe wanted to get more use from their Halloween costumes, too.
Well, Lainey did. Phoebe was kind of mad that she wasn't ESSA!

We met up with our guests at the StarCenter rink, and once we all had skates on, the Elsa instructor took us out to the ice and the fun began!

 I was worried that the kids would all get out there and fall and be cold and just sit on the ice and cry, but they really went with it! Lainey was freaked out by the whole concept at first, but she warmed up to it and enjoyed most of the skate session. As for Avalon, um, well, ice skating is apparently her new favorite thing ever and WHEN CAN WE GO AGAIN??


We had our party room with cake and presents after an hour or so on the ice, and then lingered to watch some figure skating competitions on the other rink.

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  1. Your kids are going to have the best memories of birthday parties from growing up!


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