Great Jumpin' Hera!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Getting fully settled into the new house - pictures hung, things looking just exactly the way we want, that kind of really settled - is a slow process. Mostly because we're really busy, partly because it's nice to be a little deliberate about the whole process and that takes time. Which is fine if you are naturally a patient soul, and highly character building if you are me. HOWEVER, the girls' bathroom came completely together over spring break, and simply having one little room all finished and just right makes me very, very happy! It's encouraging to see progress trickling along.

I've been wanting to do a superhero bathroom for FOREVER. Their bedrooms are highly frou-frou, which I love, but I felt like we needed a small break from pink and glitter. Also, they really love superheroes. A lot. Also, I am not about to turn the upstairs bathroom into Elsa's Ice Palace Extravaganza or whatever. Thus far, and no further, Frozen.
It evolved from there to being a Wonder Woman bathroom specifically... I found a metal Wonder Woman sign on sale at Hobby Lobby a while ago, then over break I found a shower curtain at Target that looks like part of her outfit, and it just snowballed. Plus, Wonder Woman is awesome!

Here it is:

The Bang and Pow signs, and the WW sign by the hand towel are all metal, and I found them 50% off at Hobby Lobby. We already had the blue footstool, I just cut out the WW logo and Mod Podged it on. I had painted the oval frame red a long time ago, so all I had to do there was stick a collage in it. I could NOT for the life of me get a picture that showed it well, but the rhinestones spell out 'Fierce', even though you can see it in real life. The pictures on either side of it are just comic book cover pages Mod Podged onto black poster board. The star on the mirror was from Hobby Lobby, too, in the 4th of July section. I'm thinking about getting two more next time I go, so you can see I have a loose definition of "completely finished!"
So there's one room down!

Fluster Buster   

Our Three Peas


  1. What a cute bathroom! And yes to having one room done! When you get discouraged about the progress (or lack thereof) somewhere else in the house it's so nice to be able to go to one room and be like "oh but this place looks good!"


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