Mischief Managed

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

We're at the mid-point of spring break, which means I'm struggling to determine if I've been frittering away a precious week off. Too much relaxing? Too much working? Who can tell! We've done lots of work around the house that's been waiting for just such a break. I hit the $5 bag sale HARD for Guys and Dolls costumes. As in, I spent $105 for $1,145 worth of beautiful, beautiful loot. As soon as we get back to school I'll be diving completely into costuming, but I'm making myself wait until then so I can focus on homey stuff all week. Even though I have IDEAS! That need to be UNLEASHED!
The girls have enjoyed pretty weather at the neighborhood playground, their play-kitchen that we just now retrieved from storage, Avalon's new Easy Bake oven (and all the rest of her birthday presents), and the new Cinderella movie. The boys have enjoyed sleeping in and playing basketball, which I know comes as a huge surprise. We're gearing up for the All-Star game this weekend. Aaron (as the coach of our division's champions!) will be coaching one of the teams, and a big portion of our guys made the All-Star roster, so we're excited!

Oh, and the leprechauns struck again, naturally.

I went to set everything up early yesterday morning and very nearly broke our house. We put all the holiday storage tubs in the attic space, on boards set across the beams. Behind that there is a lot of fluffy attic fill stuff and...ceiling. Which is pretty easy to crash through. Like if you slipped and accidentally pushed the storage tub you were trying to get, so that it fell backwards and spewed out its contents into the fill. It didn't actually break the ceiling, because luckily my St. Patrick's Day stuff is all pretty light, but I was terrified for a moment there. If you had been here, you could have watched me haul several giant boxes and tubs out of the attic so I could stand on the furthest edge of the flooring and lean out to hook the contents of the ill-fated tub out of the fluff with a golf club, one by one. In my pajamas. Without any coffee. Trying not to wake everyone up OR slip again and crash through Kim and Dan's bathroom ceiling. 

Making childhood magic would be an awful lot easier if I possessed a magical wand. Or basic hand-eye coordination.

HOWEVER, I got it all straightened out and the leprechaun strike all set up before the kids woke up, so I'm counting it as a win! The leprechauns left some treats and treasures in our green cauldron, and turned our milk green, just like they always do.

In the evening we had our corned beef and cabbage, soda bread, and Lucky Charms parfait, just like we always do.

 And at bedtime we read The Three Wishes, just like we always do.

We just really love our traditions around here.



  1. Love all of the st. Patrick's day fun! Also good luck at the all star game. How exciting! Enjoy the rest of your spring break :)

  2. Traditions are awesome! Enjoy your break; it's possible I might be a little jealous. ;)

  3. soo much fun... Liam the Leprechan stopped by our neighborhood too.


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