Quick Takes: Ever So Random Edition

Friday, March 6, 2015

1. All this snow? In Texas? In March? Inconceivable! 

2. I've been pretty productive and busy around the house during all of the snow days we've had lately, but yesterday...not so much. The snow was beautiful, and the kind you could actually play in, so we spent a good part of the morning on snowmen and snow angels. I did a few useful things like vacuuming and making the party favors for Avalon's party, but mostly I rested. It. Was. Glorious. I highly recommend it. 

3. I also taught Phoebe how to say 'cowboy' clearly. It's a bigger accomplishment than it sounds! Prior to that, she was calling the toy cowboy something that sounded most like 'cookie' and it was leading to all manner of drama. We straightened it all out and now she gets the most adorable look of concentration on her face every time I ask her to say it. You can SEE the thoughts firing, and then a few seconds later..."COW boy."  She's at a point where I have to start insisting on clear words instead of Phoebe-ese, and I know that, but it's going to take a while for me to find the strength of will to stop encouraging SNER. I love SNER. It's her own combination of 'snack' and 'dinner' and "I EAT SNER" roughly translates to "You people have approximately seven seconds to feed me something -ANYTHING- except that, or that other thing, I don't know what I want, YOU figure it out! before I turn into a wild rage monster." I so often have felt this same exact way, but didn't have the right word to express myself. 

4. Also, this:

Putting an Easter basket on your head and running around? This is a child with her priorities all straight, I'm telling you.

5. Lainey has been mis-hearing song lyrics hilariously these days. She loves to sing, and has lots and lots of songs memorized, but when a word confuses her or she can't hear it clearly, she tends to substitute an animal name and I die laughing over the ensuing mental images. My favorites lately are:

"Say whatcha wanna say, and let the birds fall out!" from Sara Bareilles' Brave

"How am I gonna be an octopus about this?" from Bastille's Pompeii

"That's alright. I found an otter in my bed tonight..." from Fun's Some Nights.

6. Finding an otter anywhere would make just about anything alright, if you ask us. Way better than a martyr. When I was in California I bought T-shirts for the girls that have pictures of otters on them, which led to a lot of otter-related questions, which led to a prolonged session of watching YouTube videos of otters swimming and playing. Long story short, WE REALLY WANT AN OTTER NOW!

7. I can't tell if I am really prepared for this birthday party or not at this point. I think that all I have left to do is bag up the party favors and decorate the cake, but these things tend to snowball. (Here we see a totally unintentional cheesy pun on the Frozen theme, which I should probably take out now that I've noticed, but it's staaaaaaaying!) Like, I was just going to give gloves as party favors because ice skating is cold and all, but then I decided to make fleece scarves too because they were cute. And then the gloves (which were nearly impossible to find but I FOUND THEM on clearance at Target) looked boring so yesterday I decided to make a little snowflake tag with leftover fleece and fabric paint, but then the snowflakes looked cute so I wondered if they would look better just painted directly ON the gloves. So I did that, and then I added some glitter! And then I went back and made the original snowflake tags because I had plenty of fabric paint left, so might as well!
Welcome to my brain. Sorry about all the glitter.


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  1. Oh my goodness, I love reading posts about kids because they are always so funny and I love seeing their little personalities emerging. Ok, your daughter with her "hat". Totally styling. Watch it momma, I think you have a fashionista in the making on your hands. :)

  2. Phoebe is starting to look like such a little lady- it's crazy pants!

  3. I have a feeling I'm going to want SNER most of the day today! (And every day, so what's new?) You crack me up with your party craziness. I am so low key with anything like that that I admit that I don't really understand it, but I love that you have such an attention for detail and making things pretty and special.


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