Quick Takes: T-Rex Mama

Friday, March 27, 2015

1. One of our boys, who is in college now, sent me a screenshot of a picture he had accidentally tagged me in. I died laughing.

2. This is legitimately how about a third of the upper school students see me.

3. Two of my classes started reading The Cross and the Switchblade this week. When we got to the part where the pastor is driving into New York and doubting that God really was calling him to go forth and minister to gang members, the students were intrigued that he had a friend open the Bible to a random page and read the verse he blindly pointed at for confirmation. Could God give signs to people like that? Would he? Was it treating the Bible like a fortune cookie, or was it a way to feel closer to God? A lively debate followed. The loudest opponent of the whole concept insisted that he would prove it to his classmates. 

"Give me a Bible! It's not going to work....I'm telling y'all, it's not going to work! It's...wait, I want a different page."
I read over his shoulder before he could move his finger, "And I, even I the LORD, am against you."
We considered the debate as being resolved and got on with class.

4. Meanwhile, on the parenting of toddlers front:

5. It sounds completely unbelievable, especially in the context of #4 up there, but I have officially gone an entire school week without drinking any coffee. This down from what was truly an inhuman amount of coffee consumption! I have switched to ONLY TEA at home and at school, and I'm actually really loving it. A student surprised me with a skinny latte on Tuesday, but I had already decided that the occasionally Starbucks wasn't getting cut out anyway because that is no kind of life! 

6. Avalon and Lainey and I stopped to explore a new vintage clothing store that has opened up by their dance studio yesterday. They wandered around admiring everything while I chatted with the owner about the possibility of renting a dress for the play...and then about Flint...and then about learning disabilities...all while their post-dance class cookies were WAITING FOR THEM at the Cookie Machine a few doors down. They were such good sports! Their patience was rewarded when we walked back to the minivan a little bit later, cookies in hand, and the owner called us back into the shop to give the girls some adorable little rings. Oh, the perks of being good shopping buddies!

7. Oh, and I think I'm going to start making the Weekend Wrap-Up posts a link-up, if anyone wants to join in on Monday!

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  1. That picture with the dinosaur is too funny!

    I love finding new places to shop! That is so sweet that the owner gave your girls a gift.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love the idea of a link-up. You can count me in- assuming I can get my shiz together to write a blog post one of these days...

  3. LOL, too cute, Nicole. I'm loving your blog and I'm signing up. Have a great weekend :)

  4. Love these! #4 is definitely a "Reasons My Child Is Crying" moment, and totally cracks me up. The things that are important to toddlers!

  5. #4 HA! Those are the funny kinds of stories I love to tell my kids now that they're getting older.


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