Weekend Wrap-Up: All Stars

Monday, March 23, 2015

This last weekend of spring break was a fun one! It was the TCAF all-star weekend, so there was a lot of this going on:

Kim and I got to go to the coach's game and see Aaron and Dan play, which is a rare treat. The boys couldn't stand to just watch a basketball game, though. A few minutes after I took this picture they jumped up to help the other team out and take on Coach and Coach Dan.

Spoiler Alert: the boys lost. There's no school like the old school, baby!

I love all-star weekend because the boys are suddenly put on teams WITH people who have been their rivals all year. It's wonderful to see them put all that aside and work together. I know Aaron loved getting to coach the Division II all-star team, especially since Flint had three players make the team!

We brought the girls to watch the big game so they could see their brothers play one last time this year. Phoebe was super excited, even though she was barely interested in any games all season. She stood on the seat next to me, holding my hand and yelling, "BAKABALL!" over and over. We were a noisy crowd and she loved clapping and cheering whenever everyone else did. Her absolute favorite thing was picking Bernachi out on the court and shrieking, "ACHI! YAY!"

I didn't get to be there for the three-point contest or some of the other events, but I was there for the dunk contest, which is my favorite anyway. I'll never stop being amazed that people can fly like that.

In between all-star activities we had plenty of ordinary things to do- visiting the pediatrician, doing laundry, taking care of a few dozen random chores, doing all the baking, going to church- just generally getting prepared to rock the last eight weeks of school.

We picked up tacos after church yesterday. "It's Taco SUNDAY!" chanted the girls. They might have watched the Lego Movie over break. Twice. It took me like two days to get that they were quoting it when they kept randomly suggesting we, "eat some delicious chicken wings and get CRA-ZY!" I just thought it sounded like a pretty decent idea.

Everything feels nice and orderly and settled right now, which I love. Last night the girls were tucked in bed, all clean and cozy, hair braided for school...I was spending a nice chunk of time in the kitchen, baking and prepping things for the week...Aaron and Jamie and Shawn were playing Legendary nearby...and I just felt all warm and fuzzy for my big, crazy family. They're my favorite.



  1. Love that all the girls are true basketball fans. :) Sounds like an awesome break!

  2. The all star games looks so fun! It looks like y'all had a great weekend.

    Have a good week :)


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