Weekend Wrap-Up: The Cold Bothers Some of Us, Anyway

Monday, March 2, 2015

After I finished my post on Friday morning it kept snowing...and snowing...and snowing. 

The kids had fun playing in REAL snow! off and on throughout the day. We tried to build a snowman, but the snow was so dry and powdery that it wouldn't snowman for us at all, sadly. 
Aaron was less delighted with the whole winter wonderland thing because he had to finish unloading the last POD, which was getting picked up the next day snow or no snow. I was less delighted as well, because the roads were so bad that dropping the boys off at the barber and running to Toys R Us to pick up a cake-topper-sized Elsa took three hours. Three hours that I really needed to be getting everything ready for Avalon's birthday party, I kept thinking. Which was ridiculous because obviously the party needed to be rescheduled.

I finally admitted I was beat and put the un-decorated blue velvet cakes in the freezer. We snuggled in and had a pretty cozy evening...Kim made pizzas and we all watched Mr. Peabody and Sherman on Netflix.

Avalon was sad about her party, though, and I was distressed. Usually I love storms, but not this one. It was dangerous! My mom got into an icy road fender-bender on her way home from seeing my new niece in Oklahoma, and she was stuck overnight at a truck stop and no one could go get her. Scary stuff. 

I felt more cheerful in the morning. Since we didn't have the party, and we couldn't go anywhere even if we wanted to, I had a whole day at home that I hadn't counted on, a day with Aaron home! Aside from the usual chores like cleaning and doing laundry, we did some unpacking and then hung a lot of pictures and mirrors and things on our bare, bare walls. What a difference that makes! I just haven't had time or energy to think of decorating since we moved, and Aaron hasn't been home enough to hang anything for me, but suddenly it was the right time. It isn't close to being finished, but it's already much nicer. 
The roads cleared up enough in the evening that Aaron was able to take the varsity out for their celebration dinner at Tons, which is an all-you-can eat Mongolian grill. I experimented with Thai recipes for the rest of us, then kept hanging pictures and cleaning after I put the girls to bed. 

On Sunday Aaron had to go with one of his senior boys to an all-day scouting showcase in Dallas, and I wasn't brave enough to haul all the children to church solo in the rain and slush, so we had another day at home. A very domestic day, as it turned out. Phoebe helped me sort and put away all the laundry, and then all the girls helped me bake banana bread and a batch of peanut butter cookies. 

After Phoebe went down for her nap I let Avalon and Lainey do a sewing project. Just little felt bags, but they were so happy about it!

Aaron didn't get home until nearly five, and then had to basically turn around and take the boys to open gym...and then he picked up the groceries...and then had to go get the boys again. He's pretty much a rock star! Basketball season may be over now, but basketball is never over in this family. Now the season of scouts and college visits and try-outs begins! 

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  1. Bad weather is both annoying, and kind of wonderful in that it MAKES you not be as crazy busy, and we all need some of that in our lives. Though it would be nice if that could happen without the accompanying danger on the roads and such!


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