Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, March 30, 2015

We had such a happy weekend! After such a long, gloomy winter, it's easy to forget how much lighter you feel in the spring.

The girls spent a lot of it working on their new obsession, the fairy garden. They can't get enough of it, and it's a project/game that I love. They are outside using their imaginations until dark. The yard is still pretty muddy under the new sod, but that's okay. A little mud is good for the soul.

The fairy garden is right outside the dining room window, so it's easy to keep an eye on them, too.

I set out a few Easter decorations this weekend, although not many because I can't find my tub of Easter stuff and after the whole St. Patrick's Day thing I'm not inclined to go digging around in the attic. We went shopping for Easter dresses, which I was disproportionately excited about, and had some arts and crafts time.

(Phoebe's idea of coloring mostly consists of getting other people to color for her.)

Sunday was my favorite, favorite day of the weekend, though. The children carried palm branches and sang Hosanna for Palm Sunday...

AND Jamie was baptized. I was so proud of him! Especially because he was SO nervous. I kept tearing up during the rest of the service, I couldn't help myself. It was just such a joyful morning!

Love him!

Sometimes we just really need a few happy days to get us through the messy, crazy days that are more par for the course. 

Now, tell me about your weekend!


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  1. What a great weekend you had! Thanks for hosting the link up!

    Have a great week!

  2. What a lovely weekend! I love your little fairy garden!

  3. If there is a fairy garden to spend time in, why would you ever be anywhere else?


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