Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, April 27, 2015

After the play on Thursday Aaron had to spend several hours hauling set pieces back to the school, so he didn't get home until it was really late AND THEN had to get up at dawn to drive eight hours. He is a superhero! Two of our guys had tryouts at Central Christian College in Kansas, where one of our awesome Flint grads is finishing up his freshman year. I would love it if they could play college ball together and look out for each other there! So while the girls and I lazed around in our pajamas pretty much all weekend, recovering from Play Week (I was exhausted and they were clingy and acting out because I hadn't been around as much as usual) the guys were busy road-tripping and rocking those try-outs.

I wanted to go so badly, to make sure Aaron stayed awake on the road, and to check out the campus and chat with admissions people, but there was just no way I could stand spending any more time away from my babies. I was REALLY torn once the guys arrived and Aaron called me, because he had pinched a nerve or strained a muscle or something moving sets, and driving so long had him in terrible pain. I really need all of my people to stay in one place so I can take care of everyone!

On Saturday I took Avalon and Lainey to a fellow teacher's wedding, which they were thrilled over. It felt weird going by myself, but when I got there I realized that half of Flint was there too! It was so much fun, and such a beautiful wedding.

It was also the only time we left the house all weekend! I was so worn out that the girls enjoyed a lot more movies and not-organic Pop-Tarts than my regular standards would allow. Mama just needed some lazy time! Also, it was storming most of the weekend, so we couldn't have done much even if I'd had the willpower. We did spend an exciting fifteen minutes huddled in an interior bathroom during a tornado warning, if that counts as an Activity. For the most part we just enjoyed listening to the rain and thunder and lightning...and comforting the dog who is terrified of thunder...

The guys got home safe and sound on Saturday night, and then Aaron needed most of Sunday to catch up on sleep and rest his poor hip. I finally got around to doing most of my weekend chores, and then we ended the evening with a pre-gigantic-thunderstorm walk around the neighborhood, just the two of us, because we miiiiiiiisssssssed each other! 

Guys and Dolls!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Flint Academy's production of Guys and Dolls was last night, and all the kids did such an amazing job. Every student in the upper school was on stage, saying their lines and singing and dancing and being awesome. Our school is so lucky to have actual real theatre professionals who direct and coach and pull off this miracle every year! 

Two days before the show one of the leading ladies - she was playing Adelaide - had to drop out because of an illness. It was so sad! Another girl stepped in and learned all of those lines and songs in two days (and I spent two days frantically doing massive alterations!) and absolutely nailed it last night. I'm convinced that Flint students can do just about anything!

I mean, just look at them!

I Got the Horse Right Here

The Save-A-Soul Mission Band has excellent advice.

Craps game? What craps game, Lieutenant? 

OMG we want to play craps!

Craps game? What craps game, Adelaide?

Soooooo, I'm a terrible sinner, doll. Save me?

That would be a no. A beautifully sung no, but no.

I Love You a Bushel and a Peck

Just go ahead and die of the cuteness, we won't judge. That was kind of the point, actually.

Also, whoever came up with the idea for circle skirts is my hero. All six of those only took two hours to make and they're so twirly!

OMG these milkshakes are delicious!

What was in that milkshake??

You tell him I never want to see him again, and to call me!

Take Back Your Mink

It all seems some horrible dream -EEEEK!

We get to play craps! Yay!

Actually, we're a little tired of playing craps...

Maybe it's time to re-evaluate our life choices, I dunno.



Did we seriously just pull off putting these wedding dresses on over our already bulky dresses and mikes ON STAGE while singing the finale? That happened? 
Oh, honey, that happened. We. Are. Fabulous.

As are we!

So very fabulous! If only our feet weren't in agony! 

Play's over? Yep.
You promise? We're done for the year? Mmmmhmm.
No one's costume fell off onstage? Nope.
Are we completely exhausted and sweaty and ready to never do anything ever again? FOR SURE.
Take a costume crew* selfie? Well yeah, obviously!


*We're missing my other lovely minion, but we couldn't find her and everyone was desperate to get out of their costumes.

link up!

link up!
link up!

Two Years Old!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Even though she doesn't know it, today is Phoebe's actual birthday. My sweet, funny, beautiful, wild baby is two!

("Phoebe is TWO!" I kept trying to get her to say on Friday, since she didn't really know what we were celebrating. "No." She would say after some serious contemplation. "Phoebe ephant. BARROOOO!" Whatever you say, lovie...)

Swoon! I love this child so much my heart might explode!

Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, April 20, 2015

So! We had just about an entire weekend's worth of activities crammed into Friday alone, and if we're friends on Facebook with me you've probably already seen eighty percent of these pictures, but I'm not going to let a little thing like that stop me from throwing them all up here and calling it a post!

First we had Phoebe's little party at home, complete with balloons, presents, and birthday cake for breakfast for everyone.

Then we were off to the zoo!

Phoebe loved it - especially the elephants, which she had been looking forward to all morning. On the way home she sat in her carseat and listed all the animals she had seen, while everyone else fell asleep!

THEN there was the dance that evening, and it was wonderful! 
The Flint staff and volunteers that set it all up did an A.MAZING job, and ran with the Great Gatsby theme so beautifully. Just look at that table! Each one had a gold letter, so that all together they spelled out Gatsby. Swoon! Also, homemade petit fours. And a chocolate fountain. I rest my case.

Our darlings looked adorable and had a blast, and I couldn't stop taking pictures of them to save my life.

 We got home super late and crashed, and then I got up super EARLY and went straight to the school and locked myself in the art room to work on costumes all day. I got a lot done, but I missed my babies! Every year right before the play I feel like Aaron and I switch roles for a minute and he's the one solo parenting while I'm off working ridiculous hours. I definitely prefer my regular Mrs. Coach role! I worked for twelve hours and then couldn't go home because of the crazy storm. Luckily my mom lives really close to the school, so I got to go to her house (and not wait out the storm in the spooky empty building!) and have dinner. It was a wonderful little reprieve from grown-upping!

After church on Sunday Aaron took one of our guys to a college try-out a few hours away and I spent the afternoon in a blur of ALL the weekend chores condensed into a few hours. I also drank my first-ever (sugar free) Red Bull, which I think is why I did all my regular chores and gave the girls mani-pedis, baked an extra batch of cookies, cooked two dinners in advance because I'll most likely be working late on costumes every night this week and people will still need to eat or whatever, and cleaned out the refrigerator. Probably I shouldn't drink that again if I don't want to unleash the apocalypse or something!

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