SQT: Crazy Busy Happy Times

Friday, April 17, 2015

1. This is what writing class looks like a week before the play. The Student Will: complete a written narration for this week's reading; avoid stepping on stray pins; possibly be pressed into use as a dressmaker form. It's all there in my lesson plans.
Just kidding. I haven't written The Student Will: sentences in my lesson plans since college!

2. On a related note, I stayed late to work on costumes on Tuesday and Avalon and Lainey got to play in the art room with me while I worked. Avalon discovered my basket of scraps, asked for some tape, and went to work creating a skirt. 

3. Clearly the apple doesn't fall far from the crazy, upcycling tree. As further evinced by her completely unfeigned delighted when I suggested she organize her closet. "BECAUSE I'M A REALLY GOOD ORGANIZER, RIGHT MAMA? This is going to be so much fun! I can put all the matching clothes together and organize all the shoes and ..."  I'm sorry to tell you this, world, but it looks like I'm unleashing an army of mini-me's on you.

4. We are celebrating Phoebe's birthday today, a bit early since it falls midweek this year (and the DAY before the play), with balloons and cake and a trip to the zoo with cousins. I get to just enjoy the festivities today and not worry about that whole "My baby is TWO years old, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!" angst until Wednesday.

5. I did have kind of a moment, though, when I was sorting through pictures to tape onto the balloons that we snuck into her room last night. She used to be so much smaller and squishier! Now she's running around full steam ahead, saying complete sentences and stuff.

6. Aaron and I went shopping for her birthday presents the other night after the kids were in bed, and he surprised me by turning it into an actual Date. A mid-week date is kind of an awesome thing, and dinner at Nagoya is kind of awesome, too. But the best thing in the world is just being together. I was excited about it when I thought we were just going to Target!

7. The upper school dance is tonight, so we're in for a full day today. Birthday stuff, zoo, LAUNDRY, dance! Because seriously, if I don't get the laundry done today, it won't happen this weekend. I'm putting in another full day of costumes tomorrow, the kind where I get there super early and work until the sun starts to go down and it gets too creepy to stay in the empty school building.

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  1. Mid-week dates are the best! They don't happen often but when they do we try to make the best of them. I hope your little girl has a great birthday!

    Have a great weekend. I am excited to see pictures!

  2. Phoebe is not two. You're lying.


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