SQT: Little Bits of Flint Life

Friday, April 3, 2015

1. Every year Flint does a fundraiser at Barnes and Noble where we showcase student art. It is so much fun! Each child has a framed work of art displayed, the grammar school classes recite poetry and sing songs together, upper school students recite and perform and sing solo or in pairs based on drama and vocal work they have done during the year. Avalon and Lainey take voice lessons from Mrs. Douglas after school, so they had two duets last night - Do Re Mi and You are my Sunshine. So, so very adorable!

2. Have I mentioned how much I love the way our school is so heavy on the arts? Love. It. I talk about the athletics program all the time because, essentially, I am married to it. And I love sports! But that is a much more recent love affair...I've been crazy for theatre and music and singing and art and dance since FOREVER. I am beyond delighted that my children have this environment where both types of things are embraced and celebrated so much.

3. Whenever I write or say "my children" I wonder if it sounds unclear who I mean exactly. My biological children? My unofficially-foster children? My basketball team children? My the-entire-upper-school children? Yes! All of them! When people ask me how many children I have, I always find myself answering, "Oh, dozens!"

4. Dr. Flint told us to have our class Easter parties on Wednesday instead of Thursday this year, since Barnes and Noble night was Thursday and we didn't want to have too many things going on in one day. Wednesday also happened to be April Fools...and our resident evil mastermind (Mr. Douglas, language arts and drama teacher extraordinaire) happened to be the teacher in charge of the upper school's Easter parties...so this is how Dr. Flint found her office when she got to school on Wednesday morning...

5. I'm really not sure what else she expected.

6. We do illustrations every other Thursday in literature class, so that at the end of the year each student has a folder filled with alternating written narrations and illustrations for every book we have read. One of my guys always does his illustrations as social media, and it might not be exactly a classical approach but I love it. Yesterday he went with Twitter...

7. The costume crew girls and I have spent our sewing time this week hacking into thrift-store sequined dresses, transforming them from grandma to show girl. Messy, but fun! I think I need to get an afternoon of work in sometime this weekend, just to make sure we don't run too close to our deadline. Luckily we have another long weekend ahead of us! Aaron was going to take the boys paintballing today, but he pushed it back to Saturday because he has some sort of cold/allergies thing going on that is making him miserable.

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