Trim Healthy Mama: Radishes for the Win!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I think it's time for another Trim Healthy Mama post! We are still going strong with THM around here - it helps that Kim and I split the cooking and we both like to stay on plan as much as possible. We'll add in non-THM sides for the boys sometimes, but for the most part everyone here is on plan (for dinner, at least) because we are. I am now THREE pounds away from my ultimate no-way-I'll-ever-weigh-that-again-after-three-babies goal, even with the not-so-occasional cheat, so I'm sticking with it!

My favorite weird food substitution right now is definitely radishes. I'm not crazy about them raw, which is the only way I ever thought they could be eaten. I saw someone on Facebook talking about using radishes in place of potatoes for a slow-cooker roast a while ago and decided to try it. Y'all, they totally don't taste like radishes after they've been cooking with a pot roast all day! They don't even look like radishes - the red color leaches out and they really look like little white new potatoes. They don't have the exact same texture as potatoes, but even my pickiest guys didn't mind the switch.

I got brave after that and tried this recipe for loaded "potato" soup, which uses pureed cauliflower and quartered radishes instead of potatoes. Since radishes aren't a starchy vegetable, THM-ers can have them with all the cream and cheese and butter we want, and ohmygoodness, I could eat this soup every day!

For our Easter meal I really want to do a more traditional meal, and I really wanted to include scalloped potatoes. I also wanted to be able to eat the scalloped potatoes, not just cook them for the kids, so I decided to go out on a limb and try scalloped radishes instead. I used this recipe as a loose guide, but I imagine you could get good results from any recipe you like. Instead of the potatoes I sliced up three big bags of radishes and hoped for the best! It called for two cups of heavy cream and a cup of milk...I left out the milk because it isn't on plan, and anyway the radishes don't have any starch to thicken up that much liquid. The final result was still a bit liquid-y, and I think next time I'll probably whisk in a little glucomannan or xantham gum, but still completely delicious. There weren't any leftovers the next day, so I'm chalking it up as a success!

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  1. Nice job on getting so close to your goal weight! I don't think I ever eat radishes, but I'm almost tempted to try them.


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