Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, April 13, 2015

This weekend I finally recovered from the cold that I spent all of last week pretending that I didn't have, hallelujah! Now I feel all feisty and ready to take on another crazy week of spring semester. Last week required more firmness and reminding the students that yes, you still have to actually DO your schoolwork, we aren't finished just because it's warm out than I wanted, but that's typical for this time of year. I can't blame them because I know exactly how they feel. Humans just want to kick up their heels in the spring! Maybe we'll venture out to do our reading in the gazebo some this week, and answer that calling for fresh air.

Aaron held an outdoor movie night at the school on Friday (Toy Story!) as a fundraiser for the senior trip. We had so much fun! The girls baked cookies to sell, which naturally became increasingly elaborate in Avalon's head...she would need her own table, WITH a tablecloth, and a sign that she needed to write herself, of course...
Well, and why not? She had fun and got to exercise those being-in-charge and doing-project abilities. And she raised thirty-two dollars for the senior trip. AND she had enough leftover cookies that I didn't have to do any more baking this weekend!

We will definitely have to do more outdoor movie nights in the future. It was a lot of fun for our little community, without too much overhead or set-up, and I'm all about that. 

On Saturday I left the house before the kids got up and spent the day working on costumes because the play is in TWO weeks now! It feels weird to spend an entire day of the weekend away from my babies, but at the same time it's nice for them to have some time with Aaron after a long basketball season of barely getting to see him. They even got a lunch date at Chili's out of him! And I got approximately one hundred thousand things done for costumes, which equals peace of mind for Mama! I suspect I'll have to spend next Saturday sewing for dear life as well, but that's okay with me. It's not exactly torture, playing with sequins and bling and fedoras all day long.

Sunday was wonderfully mellow. After church there was much relaxing and napping and playing of Legendary - Aaron is completely obsessed with it, which I think is adorable because he's a such jock AND such a nerd! Love it. You should see him geek out over trigonometry! He also took my van and washed and vacuumed it out, and grilled hamburgers for dinner. He's pretty much the best thing ever! I got everything tidied up and ready for the week, and got all excited whilst typing up my lesson plans because we're coming up to some REALLY awesome parts in all of our books and I can't wait for class...honestly, between the two of us I think we have all of the nerd bases covered!

(But seriously, I love that playing Legendary gets the boys out of their room and off of their phones. We are able to have more quality time and awesome conversations while trying to defeat evil than you would believe!)



  1. The outdoor movie night looks awesome! This is something that I maybe suggesting here :)

    Thanks for the great idea! Have a great week!


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