Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, April 27, 2015

After the play on Thursday Aaron had to spend several hours hauling set pieces back to the school, so he didn't get home until it was really late AND THEN had to get up at dawn to drive eight hours. He is a superhero! Two of our guys had tryouts at Central Christian College in Kansas, where one of our awesome Flint grads is finishing up his freshman year. I would love it if they could play college ball together and look out for each other there! So while the girls and I lazed around in our pajamas pretty much all weekend, recovering from Play Week (I was exhausted and they were clingy and acting out because I hadn't been around as much as usual) the guys were busy road-tripping and rocking those try-outs.

I wanted to go so badly, to make sure Aaron stayed awake on the road, and to check out the campus and chat with admissions people, but there was just no way I could stand spending any more time away from my babies. I was REALLY torn once the guys arrived and Aaron called me, because he had pinched a nerve or strained a muscle or something moving sets, and driving so long had him in terrible pain. I really need all of my people to stay in one place so I can take care of everyone!

On Saturday I took Avalon and Lainey to a fellow teacher's wedding, which they were thrilled over. It felt weird going by myself, but when I got there I realized that half of Flint was there too! It was so much fun, and such a beautiful wedding.

It was also the only time we left the house all weekend! I was so worn out that the girls enjoyed a lot more movies and not-organic Pop-Tarts than my regular standards would allow. Mama just needed some lazy time! Also, it was storming most of the weekend, so we couldn't have done much even if I'd had the willpower. We did spend an exciting fifteen minutes huddled in an interior bathroom during a tornado warning, if that counts as an Activity. For the most part we just enjoyed listening to the rain and thunder and lightning...and comforting the dog who is terrified of thunder...

The guys got home safe and sound on Saturday night, and then Aaron needed most of Sunday to catch up on sleep and rest his poor hip. I finally got around to doing most of my weekend chores, and then we ended the evening with a pre-gigantic-thunderstorm walk around the neighborhood, just the two of us, because we miiiiiiiisssssssed each other! 


  1. Your weekends are always so jam packed, but sound like soo much fun.

  2. Yay for Mama getting some downtime! And for alone time with Hubby :)


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