Weekend Wrap-Up: Graduation!

Monday, May 25, 2015

The big thing this past weekend was GRADUATION! They did it!
Graduation at Flint stresses me out because we all have to stand up and give speeches, but I also love it because we all stand up and give speeches! Hearing what all of the other teachers and graduates say is wonderful enough to make up for those five minutes where I have to speak. It's a really unique ceremony because of this. I mean, it's a unique graduation ceremony anyway because we are so small that the SEVEN WHOLE GRADUATES made this a big graduating class. But having every upper school teacher and every grad personally speak makes it so personal and beautiful.

(Also makes it kind of long. I cheated a little bit this year in that the body of my speech was really just me reading the last two pages of The House At Pooh Corner and making it be a METAPHOR that was TOTALLY RELEVANT NO REALLY, which seemed fairly silly when I was up there actually doing it, but Avalon rushed up to me after the ceremony and said, "THANK you for reading Winnie the Pooh, Mama! I was about to fall asleep!")

Now just look at these rockstars!

Reviewing their speeches, calming the butterflies in their stomachs, and getting instructions from Dr. Flint and Coach before everything starts.

All capped and gowned and ready to go!

Proud Mama H

Ceremony is over, time to celebrate!

Then afterwards, time to move the celebration to Coach's house, which has somehow become a tradition

(You know, those wild Flint kids and their crazy graduation parties...at a teacher's house...watching Pitch Perfect, playing board games, and eating leftover sheet cake. So out of control!)

7QT: School is Out!

Friday, May 22, 2015

1. Yesterday was the last day of school! Naturally we started the day by exploring all the havoc that the seniors had wreaked on our classrooms the night before. I know it should be annoying, but every year the senior pranks make me so happy! It's such a lighthearted way to start saying goodbye, I guess. Other classrooms got tons of Post-Its, one was filled with balloons, and they photo-shopped Aaron's face onto Marie from the Aristocats and papered his classroom and Dr. Flint's office with copies of it. Awesome, but I like the cups in my classroom the best!

2. After we admired their handiwork, though, I sat down on my Post-It note throne there and read the last chapter of The Last Battle to my homeroom. We've gone through the entire Chronicles of Narnia for our Christian Studies class this year, hunting down the Biblical parallels, and a few hundred cups were not going to stop us from finishing!

3. The upper school spent most of the day at Flight Deck, bouncing around and regressing to third grade or so. It was fantastic, even with the group of ACTUAL third graders who kept beating us at trampoline dodge ball and talking mad trash.

4. Avalon and Lainey's class had a water fight for their party, which they declared was awesome and fun and the best thing ever EVEN THOUGH their parents only provided them with lame little water guns, not cool big ones that actually work or whatever, like their friends all had. The struggle is real, you guys.

(We were totally going to run out and buy amazing water guns the night before, but when we were ransacking the as-yet unpacked boxes in the garage to find my passport we found a random package of four little guns and decided to call it good enough since we were clearly going to spend the rest of the night avoiding avalanches of stuff in the garage.)

5. We did eventually find my passport, just as I was despairingly looking up how much it would cost to replace one supah fast. We did not, however, find it in the garage. 

6. The state championship rings finally came in yesterday, right before the day was over. Of course Coach got one. Boom.

I borrowed it off his nightstand this morning to show you what it looks like on a normal-sized person:

7. Graduation is tonight! We're going to be sending seven of our darlings off into the world and I am not going to cry, no I'm not, I won't, nope nope nope!

(Totally am going to be sobbing through the entire senior slideshow. It happens every time, man.)

Mischief Managed

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Our Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone movie party was fun! Fun for the seventh graders because they got to stuff their faces with candy and watch a movie in class all week...fun for me because I got to listen to the seventh graders turn into book snobs. Their running commentary cracks me up AND lets me know how well they internalized the book. That's my sneaky, educational reason for these parties. Shhhh. I mean, Parties! Fun! Totally not testing your comprehension or taking notes on your retention or sequencing or anything right now! Have another chocolate frog!

Here's a sample of their commentary, but much condensed because I don't have time to type it all up right now, and also with various exclamations about the Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans removed. Just mentally interject things like, "I ATE AN EARTHWORM FLAVORED ONE! I'M GONNA PUKE!" if you want the full experience.

"Ugh, I wanna smack Dudley. Nu-uh! Just say thank you for your presents!"

"Isn't that supposed to be a boa constrictor? Why does the sign say python? I know it was a boa constrictor, right Miss?"


"Look, that guy has a turban...is he...? He's Professor Quirrell! Voldemort is RIGHT THERE!"

"Wait, wait, wait. He's getting on the train NOW? He had to go back with the Dursleys for a WHOLE MONTH, remember?"

"Man, Draco even looks like one of those snotty rich kids."

"That's Professor Snape? I don't think they did a good job picking the guy to play him."

(ohmygosh, Alan Rickman, don't listen to them! Obviously I still have lots to teach them!)

"She said, 'Or worse expelled.' Like that would be worse than dying? Man, I'd rather not go to school than die. That's what I thought when we read it in the book, too."

"I'd want more than five points if I knocked out that big troll..."


"I thought he could see his whole family in the Mirror of Erised. This just shows his mom and dad."

"Hey! In the book when she sets Snape's robes on fire, she accidentally knocks over Professor Quirrell and that's why...oh nevermind, he just fell over."

"This is good and all, but they're leaving out SO MUCH DETAIL. Do you think every movie that's made off a book is missing a bunch of stuff too? Like, I would just never have known."

Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, May 18, 2015

This was the last weekend before school ends for the summer, how crazy is that? I can't believe that we're already to the last week of school! It's difficult to concentrate on anything else, actually, I'm so busy trying to wrap my mind around it and make sure everything gets taken care of properly in the next FOUR days.

Friday we slept in (because Aaron surprised me with a date to a laaaaate showing of Pitch Perfect 2 on Thursday night, because we are mature, responsible adults and all) and then ran some errands, did some laundry, went to the pool. It was so nice to spend the entire day all together. We definitely cherish every little slice of time where we aren't in some sports season or other and can all be together.

Saturday the boys and I did Walk4Water, which was incredible. I was just impressed that they were all up and ready to go at eight AM on a Saturday! We walked our four miles, taking turns carrying a big heavy water container. We were all definitely sore afterwards, so it was a very eye-opening experience. I was really happy to see that so many Flint kids showed up, even though most of them don't go to North Davis...they've really gotten into the spirit of volunteerism during this past year thanks to the Green Cord program.

The girls stayed with Aaron and had a fun morning with him...he took them all shopping and out to lunch. He also hung some curtains for me and did some random projects around the house AND cooked dinner later that night. He's seriously my knight in shining armor! He and the boys played some intense rounds of Dungeon Defenders after the girls were in bed, and I hung out with them and made a summer wreath because I was feeling crafty. It had been at least a WEEK since I'd hot-glued anything!

I had a hideous migraine on Sunday, but I made it through church and then took a nap and downed a Red Bull so I could get through one last Sunday afternoon of baking and class party prep. I honestly felt pretty sad when I realized that Lainey and I were baking the LAST BATCH of cookies for the school year. Chocolate chip, because you gotta end on a classic.

And since we just finished Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone last week in my seventh grade lit class, we are naturally going to be watching the movie and eating wizard candy for the last week of school. (Naturally, IF I can find a copy of the movie...I assumed ours was with the other dvds, but guess what I discovered this morning? It isn't! So hmmm, that's going to be a problem in a few hours!) The PTF ordered Bertie Bott's Every-Flavor Beans and some Jelly Slugs for us, and a frog candy mold because oh my goodness, Chocolate Frogs are expensive! I made a couple batches last night, and discovered that if you spray the candy mold with cooking oil, then throw in a bunch of green sprinkles before you pour the chocolate, the frogs turn out all green-y and warty looking!  After the frogs were finished I turned a bunch of those Ferrero Rocher candies into Golden Snitches. All of that, plus some popcorn should make a pretty decent magical movie snack, I hope.

Now I'm just hoping my migraine stays gone so I can survive the crazy week that we're all in for. Trying to maintain order and productivity during the last week of school is no joke! We have three "normal" days and then the last day we always do something fun instead of trying to have class. This year the upper school is going to Flight Deck, which should be a good way to release all that end-of-the-year energy.


Quick Takes

Friday, May 15, 2015

1. Some of the grammar school classes went on a field trip to the Grapevine Mills Aquarium yesterday, capping off their year-long study of oceans. Avalon asked very solemnly if she could borrow my phone to take pictures, since I couldn't go with her. Aaron and I thought about it, then told her no, there was too much of a risk that she might accidentally drop it or lose it. If she had pitched a fit at being told no, I wouldn't have cared...but her quietly sad little, "Oh okay, I understand." Well...

2. Obviously she has my number. Happily my phone returned safe and sound, with about two hundred VERY AMAZING pictures on it.

3. Like so...

4. Also, apparently if a six year old asks her friends for silly faces, she gets more spectacular results than if an adult does.

5. The upper school had an end-of-year award ceremony yesterday, low key this year, just an outdoor assembly and no banquet. Academic awards, character awards, athletic awards, drama awards, volunteer awards...talking about a year's worth of accomplishments all at once makes us realize how incredible our babies really are, and how much progress they've made in such a short time!

6. I think we needed an extra award for our awesome PTF...the stuff they did for teacher appreciation week was above and beyond! 

(not pictured...Starbucks gift cards, and apples with amazing caramel dip! We are spoiled!)

7. We haven't had much nice weather for swimming all week, but I did take the kids one day after school when it was just overcast. And Phoebe found the courage to sit on the edge of the pool and put her feet in to splash! All on her own! I am not without hope that she will actually get IN the water before this summer is over!

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