7QT: School is Out!

Friday, May 22, 2015

1. Yesterday was the last day of school! Naturally we started the day by exploring all the havoc that the seniors had wreaked on our classrooms the night before. I know it should be annoying, but every year the senior pranks make me so happy! It's such a lighthearted way to start saying goodbye, I guess. Other classrooms got tons of Post-Its, one was filled with balloons, and they photo-shopped Aaron's face onto Marie from the Aristocats and papered his classroom and Dr. Flint's office with copies of it. Awesome, but I like the cups in my classroom the best!

2. After we admired their handiwork, though, I sat down on my Post-It note throne there and read the last chapter of The Last Battle to my homeroom. We've gone through the entire Chronicles of Narnia for our Christian Studies class this year, hunting down the Biblical parallels, and a few hundred cups were not going to stop us from finishing!

3. The upper school spent most of the day at Flight Deck, bouncing around and regressing to third grade or so. It was fantastic, even with the group of ACTUAL third graders who kept beating us at trampoline dodge ball and talking mad trash.

4. Avalon and Lainey's class had a water fight for their party, which they declared was awesome and fun and the best thing ever EVEN THOUGH their parents only provided them with lame little water guns, not cool big ones that actually work or whatever, like their friends all had. The struggle is real, you guys.

(We were totally going to run out and buy amazing water guns the night before, but when we were ransacking the as-yet unpacked boxes in the garage to find my passport we found a random package of four little guns and decided to call it good enough since we were clearly going to spend the rest of the night avoiding avalanches of stuff in the garage.)

5. We did eventually find my passport, just as I was despairingly looking up how much it would cost to replace one supah fast. We did not, however, find it in the garage. 

6. The state championship rings finally came in yesterday, right before the day was over. Of course Coach got one. Boom.

I borrowed it off his nightstand this morning to show you what it looks like on a normal-sized person:

7. Graduation is tonight! We're going to be sending seven of our darlings off into the world and I am not going to cry, no I'm not, I won't, nope nope nope!

(Totally am going to be sobbing through the entire senior slideshow. It happens every time, man.)

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  1. Fabulous Senior pranks! The last day of school is, every year, so exciting :) For whatever reason, I do pretty well at not crying at graduations. I cry at every other school event, though, so I guess by graduation I'm just dehydrated ;)


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