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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Our Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone movie party was fun! Fun for the seventh graders because they got to stuff their faces with candy and watch a movie in class all week...fun for me because I got to listen to the seventh graders turn into book snobs. Their running commentary cracks me up AND lets me know how well they internalized the book. That's my sneaky, educational reason for these parties. Shhhh. I mean, Parties! Fun! Totally not testing your comprehension or taking notes on your retention or sequencing or anything right now! Have another chocolate frog!

Here's a sample of their commentary, but much condensed because I don't have time to type it all up right now, and also with various exclamations about the Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans removed. Just mentally interject things like, "I ATE AN EARTHWORM FLAVORED ONE! I'M GONNA PUKE!" if you want the full experience.

"Ugh, I wanna smack Dudley. Nu-uh! Just say thank you for your presents!"

"Isn't that supposed to be a boa constrictor? Why does the sign say python? I know it was a boa constrictor, right Miss?"


"Look, that guy has a turban...is he...? He's Professor Quirrell! Voldemort is RIGHT THERE!"

"Wait, wait, wait. He's getting on the train NOW? He had to go back with the Dursleys for a WHOLE MONTH, remember?"

"Man, Draco even looks like one of those snotty rich kids."

"That's Professor Snape? I don't think they did a good job picking the guy to play him."

(ohmygosh, Alan Rickman, don't listen to them! Obviously I still have lots to teach them!)

"She said, 'Or worse expelled.' Like that would be worse than dying? Man, I'd rather not go to school than die. That's what I thought when we read it in the book, too."

"I'd want more than five points if I knocked out that big troll..."


"I thought he could see his whole family in the Mirror of Erised. This just shows his mom and dad."

"Hey! In the book when she sets Snape's robes on fire, she accidentally knocks over Professor Quirrell and that's why...oh nevermind, he just fell over."

"This is good and all, but they're leaving out SO MUCH DETAIL. Do you think every movie that's made off a book is missing a bunch of stuff too? Like, I would just never have known."


  1. First off those treats are amazing! You did such a good job. Second off those quotes are too funny! I'm pretty sure you taught them well!

  2. Um, if I promise to give good commentary can I come to one of these parties? So fun!

  3. Hahaha this is great! Seriously- best teacher ever.

  4. I hope my Harry Potter-loving children have teachers like you when they get older! They can talk anybody under the table when it comes to Harry Potter, I'm pretty sure they have each page memorized word-for-word. I'm only half exaggerating.


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