Oh, and Did I Mention?

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Reasonably I should not be so excited that we're adding more sports to the athletics program at Flint, since that automatically means more practices, more games, more solo-mama time. And more booster stuff and more game-day treats and more drama, and I get that. I know the time commitment and sacrifice that each sport requires from our family...BUT...you guys...

I'm so excited anyway! Next year we get FOOTBALL!

(That's not the whole team, I just grabbed the players I could find at the end of the day and let them put on the shoulder pads so I could get a picture)

Aaron has wanted to coach football since forever and ever, and the boys are thrilled to get to play it. Right now we're digging around for equipment and stuff (thank goodness for eBay!) and looking forward to our first season of six-man football. It'll be a small season, and we won't even be in TCAF the first year - Aaron has just scheduled games with other coaches he knows. We did the same thing with basketball at first, too. And I remember perfectly well that those first few years of building the basketball program were, uh, not exactly pretty. It takes time, and now we're starting back at the very beginning with a completely different sport. It's the kind of long-term challenge and commitment that Aaron loves, though.

So next year (as far as I am remembering correctly, I could be forgetting something) we're going to have:

Girl's Basketball
Girl's Volleyball
aaaaand Six-Man Football

I can't wait!


  1. That is very exciting! Welcome to the six man football world!

  2. That's exciting! Welcome to the six man football world!


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