Weekend Wrap-Up: Graduation!

Monday, May 25, 2015

The big thing this past weekend was GRADUATION! They did it!
Graduation at Flint stresses me out because we all have to stand up and give speeches, but I also love it because we all stand up and give speeches! Hearing what all of the other teachers and graduates say is wonderful enough to make up for those five minutes where I have to speak. It's a really unique ceremony because of this. I mean, it's a unique graduation ceremony anyway because we are so small that the SEVEN WHOLE GRADUATES made this a big graduating class. But having every upper school teacher and every grad personally speak makes it so personal and beautiful.

(Also makes it kind of long. I cheated a little bit this year in that the body of my speech was really just me reading the last two pages of The House At Pooh Corner and making it be a METAPHOR that was TOTALLY RELEVANT NO REALLY, which seemed fairly silly when I was up there actually doing it, but Avalon rushed up to me after the ceremony and said, "THANK you for reading Winnie the Pooh, Mama! I was about to fall asleep!")

Now just look at these rockstars!

Reviewing their speeches, calming the butterflies in their stomachs, and getting instructions from Dr. Flint and Coach before everything starts.

All capped and gowned and ready to go!

Proud Mama H

Ceremony is over, time to celebrate!

Then afterwards, time to move the celebration to Coach's house, which has somehow become a tradition

(You know, those wild Flint kids and their crazy graduation parties...at a teacher's house...watching Pitch Perfect, playing board games, and eating leftover sheet cake. So out of control!)


  1. Awe it looks like y'all had a great graduation! My husband's class had 9 people and mine had 21 {which was huge}. I love how you all talked, how special and then having a graduation party at your house, you ROCK!

    Enjoy your summer :)

  2. The picture with the balloons is awesome, it looks like she's floating away!


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