Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, May 11, 2015

So it rained...a lot...all weekend. Maybe that was why I felt so lazy? I took naps. Granted, they mostly involved stress dreams about trying to carry all three girls while running away from a tornado, OR my favorite, one where it was the day of Fall Fest, which we had inexplicably rescheduled to the last week of the spring semester, and I didn't know what my booth was or how to set it up, and I had promised another teacher that I would BAKE a CHAIR for her booth, only I hadn't done it and I was trying to figure out how to get it done at the last minute without having to admit that I hadn't done it. From which I draw the following conclusions:

1. Enough with the storms already. I like storms, but this is excessive.
2. I'm ready for summer break and a small reprieve from Events.
3. I could totally bake a cookie chair if I had to.

Avalon and Lainey had their first-ever school project to work on this weekend, an Ocean Box to display their Ocean Crafts that they've been making all school year. A large portion of which were lost when we moved, yikes. Being Avalon and Lainey, they weren't upset over the lost crafts, they were just over the moon with joy at having a PROJECT and worked diligently away for large parts of Friday and Saturday.

Any excuse to dig around in Mama's craft supplies makes them happy! Avalon was very proud of herself that she used the HOT GLUE GUN to attach all of her decorations. Lainey was happier to tell me where to glue each and every thing. Phoebe mostly just sat nearby and decorated herself with watercolors. 

We also played lots of Legendary, because it was a really chill weekend aaaaaand because we are huge nerds.
Mother's Day was lovely. Aaron turned my alarm off and I woke up to flowers and Starbucks, which he had risked life and limb driving through the storm to get. And I got to open the sweet cards my chickies had made, AND Aaron had Phoebe toddle over to show me his phone, which was displaying the pre-order receipt for Skyrim online. For us to play together this summer! Because we are huge nerds!

Then we went to church and came home for MORE NAPS and did some chores and some grocery shopping and toooooootally did NOT ding-dong ditch anyone with flowers!

("Daddy run fast!" said Phoebe, on repeat, the entire time we were driving home. Apparently this was very thrilling.)



  1. Haha! Those girls are their mother's daughters getting all excited about the crafts. :) We've also had enough with the storms; not so many tornados, but rain and hail and snow and thunder and lightning and flooded basements (which means no heat or hot water to go with the below freezing temps). Hope you get some sunshine soon

  2. Your dream reminded me of one time when my girls were little; one was just a few weeks old and the other was two. They were both taking a nap and I was lying down for a few minutes when it got really stormy. I got both girls and carried them down to the basement! We lost power for two days in that storm and it was the same weekend as the baby's baptism! Such a time!


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