7QT: Senior Trip!

Friday, June 5, 2015

1. Okay, so! We got back from the senior trip earlier this week and I am slowly gathering my wits back about me. I've spent a few days catching up on a week's worth of snuggles with my babies, taking them to the pool a whole bunch, and forcing myself to wrap up the progress reports that didn't get finished before we left. So now back to the blog!

2. This is the THIRD time that Aaron and I have gone on this exact same cruise (well almost the same, it didn't stop in Progresso this time, so no Mayan ruins) and I was determined to do the dolphin swim for once, since I always want to. Half of the grads wanted to do it too, and we had a blast!

3. They wouldn't let Aaron and the other guys who hadn't wanted to swim take pictures, because they had their own photographer who wanted to sell us pictures. Which we really wanted to buy because, DOLPHIN! But then he wanted to charge us nearly three hundred dollars for a picture cd or forty dollars for a single picture and we were all yeah, no, memories are good too! We didn't mean to bargain, but he followed after us and offered us a much more reasonable price, so we got our pictures after all.

4. That was in Cozumel, where we also spent a lot of time hanging out at the beach, getting henna tattoos and being silly. Everything is so gorgeous there, we didn't want to get back on the ship!

5. We did have a lot of fun on the ship, though. This particular group would have fun anywhere, I'm pretty certain. They were so awesome to chaperon! 

6. We had a few misadventures getting home at the end of the cruise...out of our group of eight people, can you guess who was the ONE person to get "randomly" detained at customs for an hour?

Mmmhhhmm. Mama bear was not happy.
And then we had tire problems on the drive back from Galveston, which took several hours to deal with, so it was awfully late in the evening before we finally got home. Phoebe had been asleep for a while, but Avalon and Lainey were still awake and they spent a good forty five minutes telling me every story that had happened while I was gone, and re-enacting their dance recital for me. 

7. I really, really missed my little jailbirds!



  1. Aww, looks like such a fun trip! And your jailbirds are adorable!


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