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Friday, July 10, 2015

1. These silly things have had another half-week of camp...Adventure Camp! Complete with many wonderful Adventures! But are they satisfied? No. "Can't we do something FUN?" Is their constant refrain.

I'm actually a fan of boredom for kids, and I am not feeling particularly FUN! these days, so we are a bit at odds. You know what makes your brain grow? Figuring out how to entertain yourself. Without any sort of electronic screen thing. You're welcome for the big brains, my loves.

2. That said, I'm fairly certain that I'm going to end up digging in the scary, scary craft closet for a Fun Thing to Do today. Preferably a fun thing that they can do while I lay on the couch. Here's hoping that the craft closet restocked itself in the night. With magical crafts.

3. My one big expenditure of energy yesterday was going with Aaron to a sports equipment resale store in McKinney on a hunt for football gear. Just the two of us! It was basically a date. AND we scored some great deals!

4. Aaron's birthday wasn't as lame as I feared - he agreed to replace his completely trashed phone with a shiny new one as a birthday present (although since he had an upgrade available and I didn't get to wrap it or anything I'm not sure it really counts as a present) and we went to see Jurassic World. Then later we grilled and had a family game night, and I found the energy to bake a cherry pie instead of a birthday cake, since he doesn't really like cake. So it wasn't a totally pathetic birthday.

5. Oh also! Pictures from Light Up Arlington! We did our usual tailgating picnic while waiting for the fireworks to start. That was really fun, even though they mysteriously did not have bounce houses this year. My children were sad for like three whole minutes.

6.  Lainey is maybe kind of getting excited about her upcoming superhero birthday party.  

I have to make her Wonder Woman outfit next week no matter what. I've tried to plan this party so that it needs a minimum of craftiness from me, but you guys, there are SO MANY adorable crafty things you can do for a superhero party. It's really hard to hold myself back.

7. I'm also helping run a cheer camp next week, to try and be ready for the first football games, which are before school starts for us and our awesomely weird Flint schedule. Apparently I am planning on staging a miraculous morning sickness recovery sometime this weekend. That would be nice! Let's go with that!


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  1. Hope you get your miraculous morning sickness cure!


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