Weekend Wrap-Up: Birthday Party Edition!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Lainey's birthday party was this Saturday! She very much wanted a superhero party with a bounce house. The bounce house was a big deal because for the longest time she was terrified of them, so this represented some real progress for my timid baby. I can't believe she is five! It is unbelievable how much she has grown and matured in the past year.

Usually I'm able to do a lot of crafty stuff for Lainey's parties, since they're in the summer and I have more time on my hands. This year it was a struggle because of the Unending Epic Morning Sickness Mess, but we got there eventually! I made Lainey's Wonder Woman outfit entirely from scratch (which was a little different because usually I just upcycle existing stuff as much as possible. It was pretty simple, though, a circle skirt and a tank top, then a bunch of accessories made out of those glitter foam sheets. The boots are really knee-high socks with white washi tape, because cheap!) but Phoebe just wore a costume out of the dress-up trunk. I ordered a cheap black jumpsuit costume from Amazon for Avalon's Black Widow outfit, but it came four sizes too big so I ended up having to cut it down to size and sewing all the seams...it would have been easier to just do it from scratch in the first place!

My biggest frustration was the night before the party, when Aaron insisted that I was too sick to make the birthday cake (pretty heavy-handed for a guy who ignores a raging case of pneumonia for more than two weeks before finally conceding that maaaaayyyyybe his wife is right and he should see a doctor or something, but whatever!) and took Lainey to pick one out from a grocery store bakery. It was no Wonder Woman fondant masterpiece like I had envisioned, but it was actually pretty cool, and I did enjoy the extra rest.

We had the party in a church gym that we use a lot for open gym and basketball practice, mostly because I couldn't think of any other way to make a bounce house in Texas in July be any kind of tolerable, so we just set up different activities around the gym and let the kids run amok. 

They 'diffused' balloon bombs to get the prizes I had stuffed inside...

Showed off their super strength with some enormous paper mache dumbbells that my mom made for the occasion...

And beat a pinata with their bare Hulk hands...

But mostly they just jumped.

UNTIL a giant mutant gorilla (who was totally not suffering from pneumonia at the time) escaped his confines and went on a rampage...

Luckily the superheroes, armed with inflatable Dollar Tree weapons, were able to defeat him and save the day! And you gotta have cake and ice cream and presents after a battle like that.

And then maybe a nice rest.

For real, though, they were completely worn out after all that jumping and fighting and sugar consumption!

(So was I, oh my goodness! It was fun, but I was SO GLAD to lay down and not have to hot glue or spray paint or sew anything!)



  1. You all are the absolute cutest.

  2. I love this so much, and the Wonder Woman costume is the BEST!!! I have a love (obsession) for Wonder Woman, so seeing this totally made my day. I'm glad your daughter had a great birthday.

  3. Thank you! WW is the best and we're totally obsessed with her too!


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