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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Most schools are already back in session, I know, so this post might seem a little out of rhythm with the rest of the world. WE might seem a little out of rhythm - everyone else is posting their adorable first day of school pictures and Flint people are still over here like:

We're the worst, I know. But we really, really love our after-Labor-Day start date! 

Our teacher in-service starts next week, though, so we've all been awfully busy up at the school. We've tried all summer to keep everything tidy and presentable so it would look nice for tours, but that's been abandoned at this point. If you toured the school today you would not see much that was "tidy" or "presentable". You might see:

  • The UPS man delivering box after box of office supplies and lovely new books
  • Sweaty teenagers, pressed into service after football practice, hauling empty boxes and various discarded items out to the dumpsters
  • Several people painting various rooms and hallways with pretty, fresh colors
  • Someone installing a kitchen door
  • Someone else installing new flooring in the grammar school lunchroom, hallelujah!
  • The cheer squad huddled with the dance teacher, going over their routines
  • Someone on the phone, taking calls from prospective parents
  • Someone moving furniture and desks
  • Several people laughing. Most of them together, not maniacally and alone in their classroom
  • Someone's dog, sniffing at someone else's dog
  • Someone planning their lessons
  • Someone hanging pictures
  • A dump truck delivering fresh sand for the volleyball court
  • Someone working on the new tire mountain in the playground
  • Stacks of new curriculum waiting to be distributed
  • Storage spaces being cleaned out
  • Someone demanding to know WHY DO WE EVEN HAVE THIS STUFF?
  • Someone wrapping up their summer math tutoring
  • Small children rolling down the hallways on riding toys from the motor lab
  • Other small children brandishing toy weapons
  • Some other small children covered in sand from the volleyball court, where they have been building "snowmen"
  • Yet another one running around in several medieval-looking costumes from the drama room
  • Look, there's some more, "helping" their mama in her classroom
  • Someone forgetting that the bathroom was just painted and they have to use the other one
  • Someone asking her husband to move that heavy cabinet just one more time, HONEST
  • Someone trying to carry in all of their school supply shopping haul in one trip
  • Someone singing along with the radio
  • Someone announcing that they're running to Hobby Lobby, does anyone need anything?
  • Someone furtively turning the thermostat down 
  • Several people putting their heads together to figure out new strategies for specific students
  • Someone trying to find a place to store football equipment
  • Someone struggling with the copier/wifi/technology in general because we really aren't technology people
  • Someone vacuuming 
  • Someone taking a minute to inhale the scent of freshly sharpened pencils
  • Someone feeding all of the animals
  • Someone trying to make out all the upper school student schedules and declaring, as he does every year, THIS ISN'T GOING TO WORK!
  • Someone hiding away from it all in a secret corner of the library, just for a minute
So no, it's not exactly tidy or presentable right now. It's messy and chaotic and a little overwhelming, but it strikes me as absolutely beautiful, too. 



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  1. Welcome glimpse behind the scenes. What I wouldn't have given for a post-Labor DAy start date when I was teaching!
    Here from Waiting on Wednesday.


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