Saturday, August 22, 2015

Last night we had our first ever football game! Which technically wasn't a Game, but a scrimmage, and there is a difference. I'm not sure what. I'm still learning all this football stuff! 

For me this is such a flashback to six or seven years ago when Aaron started the basketball program. For one thing, I don't understand the game at all. I get basketball NOW, but that took a lot of cluelessly watching games, cheering when our side seemed to be cheering, listening to hours of Aaron's post-game analysis, and asking some shamelessly stupid questions. I'm back to that with football, so much so that last night I kept having to remind myself that it was okay (good, even!) for the guys to run with the ball, they weren't going to be called out for traveling. I KNOW, I KNOW. Give me a few years, I'll be screeching out technical-sounding advice with the best of them. I DO know that we definitely scored a touchdown last night. Touchdowns = good. More touchdowns than the other team would = better, but baby steps for us all!

But no, do you remember? When we started the basketball program? And didn't ever win a game for THREE YEARS? And then last year we won the state championship? I remember that. That was fun. It takes TIME to build a sports program. And PATIENCE. And an amazing coach who just won't quit, ever.

(AND a really clueless coach's wife who blindly offers commiseration and encouragement and Context Clue Based Sympathetic Faces.)

Last night I learned that I should never, ever forget to put sunglasses in my bag, because I was essentially staring into the sun for the entire game. Fun! Also, football fields are way bigger than gyms, so when I have the girls with me I will need to remember to bring a little plastic bag for their trash, which kept blowing away all evening. I'm trying to figure out exactly what to put in my Football Games Bag to keep things running smoothly. Such vital ponderings, I know, but that's what you get. Fortunately, I'm finding that it doesn't matter how much of a learning curve there is to the actual sport, game day treats are essentially the same! 

Next Thursday we have our season opener home game (NOT a scrimmage, ahem) so do any of you experienced football mamas and coaches wives have any advice or tips? 

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  1. Advice: Once you figure it out, don't cheer too early in a play, you might be wrong (happens more than you would think)(to me). Learn their numbers, it's more fun to yell when you know #56 is Josh and you can yell "get'em Josh, crush 'em " without looking at a cheat sheet or realizing that Josh is not even on the field at that moment. Invest in good bleacher seats, the kind that clip on. Sit next to someone who knows and will explain it as it is happening.


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