Leaving the Nest

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

This part of August is always an exciting time in our little tribe because our newest grads head to college for the first time! This year some of our babies are off to schools like Harding, Central Christian College, and Dallas Christian College, and some are sticking closer to home for community college and the pilot year of our Gap Year program at Flint. I am so crazy proud and excited for all of them!

Aaron has a tradition of retiring the jersey of any player who goes on to play college ball. Which is awesome, but at this rate he's going to run out of available jersey numbers! It's really special, though, and he frames each retired jersey and hangs it in his classroom for everyone to admire. We have two this year, guys who have been with us for several years and are just family, plain and simple.

We've spent the past two evenings dropping in on them to present the framed jerseys, along with cookie cakes decorated in their new school colors because Mama H needed to bake some sweets for them one last time. New tradition!

(except I'm already planning care packages for midterms, so it's not really one last time, is it?)

Flashback to LAST year's All Star game - now all four of these adorable goobers are playing college ball!




  1. Cute pictures! Love the framed jerseys and cookie cakes! It looks like you and your family are making eternal investments in the lives of some young men! Awesome stuff~

    I came over on Waiting on Wednesday today, and I'm glad to find your site!

    Hope you have a blessed day~

  2. What a sweet thing to do! And I bet those players feel like big stars because you and your hubby went the extra mile for them. I love it!


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