Quick Takes

Friday, August 14, 2015

1. The Falcons had their first (ever!) week of full-contact football practice this week. Pads, helmets, the whole nine yards.

2. Aaron asked me to come out on Monday morning to take pictures and I got way too hot just standing there. I have to admit that I am completely baffled as to why anyone would agree to put on all that gear and run around for hours in the Texas heat. IT'S FUN! they say. Y'ALL CRAZY, I say. Aaron tells me it's the closest they can get to actual warfare, and I guess I can see the appeal that would hold for the boys. It almost makes me want to switch their first book of the school year to The Iliad with all of it's armor and combat and valor stuff. They could relate to it! And make all kinds of connections and draw all kinds of parallels! BUT we're still going to do The Odyssey. Because I still haven't forgiven The Iliad for killing off my favorite character said so. 

3. Way to go on The Odyssey, though, Homer. Up top.

4. We all spent a day FINALLY emptying the last of the boxes and things from our storage unit this week, our only break being a drive out to McKinney and Dallas for various athletics-related errands. The girls helped carry boxes (small diaper boxes full of baby clothes, mostly) and were nearly as worn out as Aaron and I were by the end of the day.

Literally the only time Phoebe stopped talking ALL DAY

5. I've actually been able to venture back into the kitchen, and now I'm remembering that I like cooking and feeding my family. It's fun. The smell of all the spices in the pantry still makes me queasy every time I open the door, and everyone is going to have to resign themselves to a lot of meatless dinners for the time being, but it's awfully nice to be stirring and simmering and serving again.

Slow-cooker beans, cornbread, and fresh tomatoes marinated in balsamic vinaigrette. Who needs meat, anyway?

6. Avalon woke up to find me working at my laptop in the family room the other day and immediately freaked out. "IS TODAY THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL? YAY!! FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!" "What are you talking about?" I demanded. "You know we don't go back to school for three more weeks." 
Turns out she was used to seeing me cozied up to the laptop first thing every day all school year, but since I haven't blogged or anything basically ALL SUMMER LONG she assumed it was just a school-time thing. Oops! 

7. We suddenly have a lot of openings for teacher aides at Flint and we spent a large chunk of time yesterday interviewing groups of applicants. When Lainey found out that her favorite aide wasn't coming back this year her face got all quivery and sad, and she said bravely, "But she'll ALWAYS be in my heart!" and then needed some prolonged cuddle time to bolster her spirits. My sweet little old soul!



  1. It is soooo HOT out! I am so excited that y'all are playing football this year! I'm glad you are feeling better. Have a great weekend!

  2. Football is exciting, heat stroke not so much. Glad they're enjoying it!

  3. I always love your pictures, and you're right! Who thinks it's a great idea to throw on all that gear in the middle of summer, run around a field and tackle each other?! I don't live in Texas, I live in South Florida, but it's the same sweltering kind of hot over here and I couldn't imagine doing that!

    Thanks for linking up at the #FridayFunday blog hop!!


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