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Friday, August 28, 2015

1. We had our first home game last night! We had a good crowd show up to support the boys, and some of the cheerleaders went around offering their face-painting services, so we could all look as enthusiastic as we felt!

2. It probably helped that we, you know, WON our first official game! 47-0! I certainly did not have a grumpy, discouraged coach to deal with after last night's game! 

3. I might, however, have had to deal with some slightly grumpy children. After I scrubbed all the face paint off of Phoebe and got her tucked in, Avalon and Lainey had to have a Conversation with me about how they are expected to act at games. Not that they were naughty, really. There was just more whining and nagging than I cared for, especially looking ahead to all of the many, many games we'll be attending this year. I love that we can all snuggle up in Lainey's bed and have these heart-to-hearts. They do so much better when we can sit down and talk something through than when we're out in the middle of a situation and I'm trying to correct their behavior quickly. They internalize those conversations SO much better than my irritated requests to Just Stop Nagging Me To Death, Child! Which is what you get when I'm trying to keep all three of them alive and in one place, watch the game, and have conversations with the other moms, all while being asked six hundred times for a drink when YOU KNOW we drank up all the water bottles already and I'm not sure what else to tell you...go dig a well in the sidelines? Just hypothetically, or whatever.

4.  Still, they're pretty great and I think I'll keep them. Just look at this brave thing! She's started practicing swimming WITHOUT FLOATIES...just holding on to the kick board thing and sometimes even letting go of it and swimming to the edge. She panicked and went under a few times, but never let it scare her, just went right back to it. Check out the determined face - she's not playing around!

 5. And THIS one! Their aunt had her eleventh birthday party at Ripley's Believe it or Not this week, and we were all worried about Lainey going and being freaked out by all the strange stuff - she's my deep, sensitive little old soul, after all, and it can be hard to predict what will upset her. She was determined to go, though, and I decided to let her give it a shot. "I love you, be brave!" I said as they were all leaving, since Aaron was going with them and Phoebe and I were working at the school. Everything went fine, until Aaron texted me that Lainey was refusing to bypass the "fear section" like we had planned because she was Being Brave. And then I don't know exactly what happened because my inner Mama Bear took over and promptly freaked completely out. My text log shows a lot of "DO NOT LET HER GO IN THERE! AVALON EITHER! ANSWER YOUR PHONE RIGHT NOW OR SO HELP ME RAAUURRRGH!" sort of messages until I was reassured that they weren't going in. Which may have been slightly over the top, but I don't think so. That section has a bypass for a reason - it's a horror movie themed waxworks and it scared ME the one time I went. Nope, nope nope! We are not having those nightmares, no thank you!

Still, I'm awfully proud of her. Not too long ago the dark laser maze would have reduced her to tears in less than a minute. Instead, she had a wonderful time and participated in everything - the tornado simulator thing (which is huge, because she tried one of those once and nearly clawed her way out in terror before I could get the door open) and the wax hand dip and everything. It's a challenge, trying to simultaneously protect her sweet, tender heart AND trying to help her enjoy navigating this big, overwhelming world...but it's totally worth it!

6. This. This is what happens when we've been painting and re-arranging and...creating decorative Greek columns out of pool noodles for too long today. 

7. And then we went home and some of the football players appeared to watch game footage and eat watermelon because of course, and really, have I mentioned how much I love this crazy life?

A lot, is how much. A whole lot!

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  1. Wow! They didn't just win their first game, they showed they meant business! Your girls really are awesome. It has to be amazing to watch them set goals for themselves like the swimming and going through Ripley's, and then make it happen! How great!


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