The Return of the Mama

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I am back home after a week in California for the Circe Apprenticeship retreat. It was a glorious week of conversations and kindred spirits and great books and SEVENTY-FIVE DEGREE WEATHER and the beach and the mountains and inspiration and endless cups of tea and just straight-up rejuvenation. Plus I learned lots of useful tidbits of information, such as the fact that when I write a sentence like that one up there, using and excessively, I'm not just being careless with the English language like I always thought. I'm doing a Literary Thing and it has a name, even. It's polysyndeton. Ha!

We learn stuff AND hang out at the beach!

However, I think this is the most homesick I've been on a retreat since my first trip to California three years ago. Probably because I was already lonely for my family, what with being stuck in bed all summer and everything. 

Luckily I've finally reached a place that feels more like normal morning sickness - I don't feel good and I'm still throwing up, but I can function more or less like an ordinary person between times. I thought maybe it was just the wonderful fresh air and the significantly cooler temperatures, but I've been maintaining it even back in this 106 degree oven of a state. So yay! Now I'm attempting to pack a summer's worth of projects into the next three weeks before school starts...what could possibly go wrong with this plan? Hush now, that was a purely rhetorical question. And anyway, I've maybe kind of learned my lesson about living in a Constant State of HyperDrive...I have a sneaking suspicion that I've been stricken down so sick all summer because it was the only conceivable way I would slow down and rest enough. There are definitely probably some gaping holes in the theology and/or science of this idea, but it persists in my head anyhow. 

The fact remains that I am rested...and more calm and reasonable than I've felt in well over a year. I'm going to put aside our awesome Summer Bucket List and save it for next summer, focus on getting things orderly and peaceful around here, and go into this school year a wiser Nicole, a more Zen Nicole, a wow-I-would-love-to-but-I've-recently-learned-to-say-no-occasionally-Nicole. 
(You can stop laughing now, I'm trying!)

Meanwhile the girls are catching up on a week's worth of Mama-snuggles and geeking out over the most unapologetically educational assortment of presents known to man. A stained-glass coloring book of fairy tales, little composition books with Van Gogh artwork on the covers, seashells, saltwater taffy, a giant sequoia seedling from the airport gift shop...poor little nerd babies! But no woman who has spent a week digging through and purging a year's accumulation of broken dollar store toys will blame me for shamelessly rejecting all plastic souvenirs and tie-dyed teddy bears. 


  1. Sound like a perfect week. I'm so glad you are feeling better. It sound like it wad just what you needed, when you needed it.

  2. Sound like a perfect week. I'm so glad you are feeling better. It sound like it wad just what you needed, when you needed it.

  3. Glad you're feeling better and that you got to enjoy your week away and now you get to enjoy being back! And, who knows? Maybe you will learn something about resting more and saying no occasionally. ;)

    1. Maybe I'll even learn how to APPLY that lovely theory, which would be the big challenge for me! :)


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