Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, August 17, 2015

We had another appointment at the birth center on Friday, just a quick blood pressure and baby-heartbeat check, so we brought the girls. They loved visiting the place where they all were born, finding their infant footprints inked on the wall, and chatting with the midwife who delivered them all. Lainey remains fairly certain that everyone has been born at the birth center since she and all of her sisters were, and Phoebe insists that she heard the baby talking over the Doppler...we have been totally unsuccessful at convincing them otherwise.

We also spent some more time at the pool with my mom and Aimee, trying to make up for so much lost swimming time. The neighborhood pool doesn't close until the end of September, but it's already just about deserted. Again, we're loving the later start date at Flint! So many benefits! 

I managed to finish dealing with most of the boxes and things from the storage unit over the weekend - all that's left are the boxes of baby and toddler clothes. My big project for this week is to go through the girls' closets and dressers, so it made sense to deal with those at the same time. I DID tackle the scary, scary game closet upstairs, though, a project that has been preying on my mind since FOREVER. I absolutely refused to take a before picture, since even I have limits as to the level of humiliation I will share, but here is the wonderful, glorious After:

Feast your eyes! All of our (excessively many because we really love us some game night) games and activities all organized and easy to find, and all of the girls' arts and crafts supplies sorted into the pockets of that shoe organizer thing. And those bins on the top shelf? EMPTY. Like, I can still put stuff in them. Oh my goodness, I love getting the house in order!

(This is a totally normal thing to get excited about, right? RIGHT?)

Yesterday after church we had a little family date at WingStop. I can't even remember the last time we've sat down at a restaurant together instead of getting food to go! These people of mine are good stuff, I kind of love spending time with them...


  1. I completely appreciate the glory that is that game closet! Now to keep it that way...

  2. All good things. :) I get super excited about organizing too!!

  3. You're definitely not alone in the organization department. I get all excited when I finally get things put away the way I envisioned.

  4. There is nothing quite like getting those projects done that have been weighing on our minds!


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