Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, August 31, 2015

We start teacher in-service today, so the past few days felt like the Last Weekend before returning to our school-year routine. Aaron and I had a lot of work at the school on Friday, and the girls spent the entire day at their Gran's house. So, zero pictures. None. Saturday, however, generated approximately three gazillion pictures! Aaron was painting his classroom and running fantasy football drafts, but the girls and I went to a lovely, lovely birthday party at a princess tearoom. SO much fun, oh my goodness! Phoebe was super shy for the first few minutes, and refused to have her nails painted (which was crazy, because she's always demanding that I paint her nails, usually while I'm cooking dinner or trying to put her to bed or something) but dropped all pretenses when it was time to pick out a princess dress. Then it was I A PWINCESS! pretty much nonstop for the next two hours. 

It. Was. Awesome! Lainey has already decided that she wants her next birthday there.

We also made it out to Garland for Aaron's grandmother's 90th birthday celebration, where the family sang church songs a capella, inspiring Avalon to solo Let it Go for everyone. Which inspired Phoebe to throw a screaming fit because No! PHOEBE sing it! 
She apologized to Avalon after she calmed down in the next room for a few minutes, then settled for dancing in the middle of the room while everyone else sang.

My focus this weekend was really on finishing all of my organizing and cleaning projects so I could start in-service and focus on school stuff with a clean conscience. You remember this scene from The Incredibles?

That is EXACTLY how I feel. Never mind that we moved last December...I finally unpacked the last box on Saturday, so NOW it's official!

It's strange, last summer I was rushing to get everything clean and organized and put-the-house-on-the-market-able before inservice started. Now we've come full circle and it took exactly one entire year. Moving is kind of the worst, is what I think. Worth it, in this case! But still a dreadful process. There are plenty of decorating, Pinterest-y projects that I still need to do to feel Fully Settled (and really, does that ever end?) but they all involve buying things, which I don't get to do in August, the month where our summer savings always run out and we hold our breaths for those September paychecks. But all of the Things have Places, nice tidy ones, and that was my goal. So much of the stuff from that last wave of boxes went directly from the box to the donation pile, too. WHY was I holding on to it? No really, I'm asking, why? I thought I purged pretty nicely when I was packing all of those things, but clearly I was wrong. 
HOWEVER, my annoyance with my past packing self was totally outweighed by the happy, liberated feeling that came with bundling up all of that stuff and sending it on its merry way!

The girls are now in the throes of a stomach bug, and feel horrible and clingy just in time for me to have to go back to work. Sometimes it feels like they conspire to only be sick when I can't be there to take care of them! I got my snuggles in last night as best I could, though. Hopefully this is a short-lived bug and they'll feel better today - Avalon had it first and she's already fine as far as I can tell.

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