Some Days

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Some days your class gets to tie-dye t-shirts because you're learning about Joseph's coat of many colors.

And because your teacher is really super awesome.

Some days you get to take off your shoes and play in the sand for a long time.

And there are new dress-up clothes to play with.

Some days you cry because you left your stuffed panda (vital for naptime) at home, but then your mama finds a teddy bear for you and it's all better.

Some days you are excited to try out your new ballet shoes, and have no idea that they were partially paid for with quarters because it's the end of the month and that's just how it goes sometimes.

Some days you get to have ice cream with your friend after dance class, and write down the Chinese words she teaches you.

When you get home you get to put on an apron and make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for your sisters dinner because your mama is feeling sick.

And they think you're the best cook ever.

Some days instead of listening to a bedtime story you cuddle up to your mama in her bed and tell your stories to her. All about a mean king who made lots of bad laws, a family of bears that watched too much TV, a high five that went awry, the hugs you gave your teachers, the new dance you learned where everyone is fruit, the song you sing when it's time for calendar, how you were the first to finish the maze, how you stopped crying and got to work to finish up before recess.

Some days your stories go on long enough that you're still up when your daddy comes home from the volleyball game (that you had to miss going to this time, alas) and he gives you a candy because mama says how wonderfully helpful and sweet you were all afternoon. 

Some days you go to bed with a little chocolate smeared on your face, completely satisfied with the day you've had, totally unaware that most of the grown-ups found it to be somewhat exhausting and discouraging. And your lack of awareness reminds them that it wasn't really such a bad day after all.

Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, September 28, 2015

 Quick! A weekend wrap-up post! Aaaaand GO!

Thursday night some of the football players came over to eat five million pounds of wings, play peek-a-boo with Phoebe, and break in the new Madden game.

Flint had it's first Project Green Cord service project of the year on Friday, so I was up early making pancakes before our guys had to be there. 

This was the last weekend for the neighborhood pool to be open, so we spent one last morning swimming.

We've had fun there all summer, but it was oddly satisfying to wash the swimming suits and beach towels and pack them away until the spring. Let's go, Fall! I don't think we can give up our Friday mornings outdoors, though. I'm going to try taking the girls to walk on a nature trail every week so we can watch the seasons change gradually and make sure we're getting enough fresh air.

After they finished working hard all morning for their Green Cord hours, a bunch of the cheerleaders chose to stay at the school to bake and package up treats for the bake sale. How awesome are our teens? And staff? Our Mrs. Douglas ran the entire service project and then supervised the girls while they baked all afternoon!

I came up to help after my babies were down for their nap, but they hadn't left much for me to do. Between their baking and all of the delicious treats that parents dropped off, we actually had a bake sale that I didn't need to bake anything for. It was too crazy - I went home and baked some tarts just because I didn't know what to do with myself! Our football game was cancelled, so the guys came back home with us and played board games late into the night.

The school's next-door neighbor, Green's Produce, kindly let us set up in their parking lot and we had tons of help getting everything put together on Saturday morning. Our Flint family is constantly warming my heart with how everyone pulls together. 

I shamelessly dressed the girls in their cheer uniforms and encouraged them to make up cheers about cookies and brownies and pies to entice customers. It totally worked, too! 

We were pretty worn out from...I don't know what, sitting there all day and taking people's money? Chatting? So we crashed pretty early on Saturday night and it was awesome. The price of that was a great big pile of chores waiting after church on Sunday, but it was worth it! Aaron and I worked our way through some fairly epic to-do lists, only stopping to show the lunar eclipse to the girls. Not all of it, because hello, bedtime! But we sat out in the bed of Aaron's truck for nearly an hour and talked about the moon, eclipses, and people on the other side of the world.


Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, September 21, 2015

I know, I know, y'all are probably all really tired of pictures of my kids at the pool! BUT this is a milestone! Avalon was finally brave enough to hold her breath and jump in from the side. She's been working up the courage for that all summer!

Lainey spent her Friday morning poolside in a much more demure manner, while Phoebe's manner was significantly LESS THAN DEMURE:

Here she's in time-out for the third time, after angrily throwing things at her sisters and then screaming at them for splashing her when they dodged. We're not in what you might call a reasonable stage of development right this minute. Luckily Aaron was on hand to come get her when it became evident that she wasn't going to simmer down and have any fun.

It did make my decision to leave the girls with GiGi for the football game that night much easier, though! They would have had to miss naptime and get to bed really late, so it wasn't that difficult of a choice in the first place. I just hate leaving them!

The game was fun (even though we didn't win this one) and then we had our fifth quarter potluck back at the school. I think the team would have passed out from hunger if my mama hadn't gone over and started heating up the spaghetti sauce (a Flint family secret recipe!) and boiling the noodles for us. I was really amazed, too, at how much food everyone brought - Flint knows how to show up! 

I was a little bit spoiled on Saturday, taking it easy, resting, getting my hair and nails done. "It's a good thing to take time out and take care of yourself," quoth the lady doing my pedicure, "you don't want your husband to leave you." I would like to state for the record that my feet were definitely NOT that bad! 
After the girls were in bed that evening we had a super romantic date to knock out the grocery shopping and to finally buy some maternity pants, and I'm pretty convinced that he's going to stick with me even if I never get another pedicure again. 

After church on Sunday we took the girls out for wings and later Aaron went for a much-needed massage (it was his turn to be a little bit spoiled, it works both ways!) then a football strategy meeting, while I did my lunch prep. Which I didn't get a picture of, because I was in such a rush to beat last week's time. I have it down to two hours, and that includes baking the cookies! 
When Aaron got home he and his dad replaced the burnt-out bulb in my turn signal while the girls played with his tools, which they deemed SO ADORABLE. 

We finished up the evening by grading essays and burning game film to DVD, respectively, and it was pretty cozy.

Now on to another week!


Quick Takes

Friday, September 18, 2015

1. One of my projects for this week was to pre-make ALL of the game day treats for volleyball and football up through the end of October so I won't have to spend time on treats every weekend. I guess it was a little overly ambitious, because it took longer than I anticipated, but now I'm done for the rest of the season for those sports. Worth it, I say! 
(okay, except I'm still short two volleyball games, which is annoying. BUT I wanted to make volleyball cookies for one, which would be gross done in advance. I have no justification for the other, I just ran out of treats!)
Now it's all hiding out in my workroom where hopefully no starving teenager happens upon it and wreaks some untimely devastation.

2. Check it out! The result of $100 at Dollar Tree and some blatant ripping-off of stuff I saw on Pinterest!

3. We have football tonight and then we're trying something new afterwards - instead of the team going out to eat at a restaurant (which gets expensive and not everyone can go) we are throwing together a potluck meal at the school. I hope it turns out to be relatively easy to pull off and we can keep doing it after every game, because I love the community-building potential it has. Anything to make our school family stronger!

4. Has anyone ever read this book? I was trolling the school library for our new bedtime chapter book and came across it...and then realized it was my own childhood copy that I had put in the library and forgotten about. You can see on the corner where my Sheltie ate part of it. I remember this being my favorite book when I was six, so I brought it home to start with the girls. They've loved the first two chapters, and I love how well-written it is (I had pretty low expectations, honestly) but I can't FOR THE LIFE OF ME remember anything about the story. I know for a fact that I read it multiple times as a child, but all I can muster is a hazy memory of a wolf and a vague association with Pilgrim's Progress, maybe. I've decided to resist skipping ahead and just find out along with the girls!

5. I've totally revised the way we approach writing assignments in my class this year, and so far I'm really happy with it. We're taking a week of class time every month or six weeks to write essays in class so I can be on hand to help throughout the entire process. Last week we read and discussed the story of the Apple of Discord and did some invention work for it as a group, this week we had our writing time. It feels strange to be two weeks in and not have started our literature yet, but I have been pleasantly surprised with how well everyone has done on this first writing assignment. Most of them were finished by yesterday, some with enough time to start their honors credit reading. Now I have a lovely stack of essays to mark and there was SIGNIFICANTLY less wailing and gnashing of teeth to get to that point!

6. Also, this is happening:

At 21 weeks the bump finally looks like a bump! I think I may need to buy some maternity pants this weekend!

7.  Now to take my babies to the pool - we have to enjoy it while we can and I think it closes after next weekend. As dearly as I love Fall and want it to be here NOW, and in spite of the fact that Aaron brought me my first pumpkin spice latte of the season this week, it is going to be 99 degrees outside today. That's pool weather, it just is.

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