Back to School!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

We are officially back to school!

It's probably silly, but the first day of school always feels like a holiday to me. There is so much excitement and preparation and festivity. I guess the girls think so too because Avalon, who is still reeling in shock over the idea that not everyone celebrates All The Holidays and that's okay, asked me yesterday if everyone AT LEAST celebrates the first day of school. I had to tell her no, but I promised that we would always honor the first day of school in our hearts and try to keep it all the year. Someday they're going to realize what a nerd I am and how often I rip off the great books for my own amusement, but I'm still good for now!

Keeping the first day of school in my heart all the year doesn't extend to elaborate toast every morning, though, sorry love.

We had a fantastic first day back and all afternoon the girls wanted reassurance that they would have school tomorrow, too. RIGHT MAMA? WE GET TO GO BACK AND LEARN MORE THINGS? SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL! 

They are in separate classes for the first time ever, absolutely loving their new teachers and friends and a teensy bit of distance from each other. In the afternoon I was treated to long retellings of What We Learned Today, where one kept interrupting the other excitedly because WE TALKED ABOUT THAT IN MY CLASS TOO! 

I didn't get any pictures of the upper school kids, partly because half of them disappear when they sense a picture in the offing, but mostly because I was busy catching up with them. I have missed my pack of goofy teenagers so much! We read the story of the Apple of Discord and talked about the Trojan War as an introduction to The Odyssey, but also found time to chat and eat cupcakes and discuss possible baby names. 

GiGi and Phoebe stopped by for a visit and brought some beautiful Happy First Day of School flowers, which Phoebe picked out because yellow is her favorite color. I can't think of anything more perfect than a two year old carrying a big bouquet of roses and a room full of teenagers gasping, "This is the cutest thing I've ever seen! I have to snapchat this!"

Avalon and Lainey had dance class right after school, so we hustled over to the studio (which killed me because I really wanted to stay and hear how everyone else's first day went!) and I tried to get some Circe reading in while they danced. All the bustle of the weekend and day finally caught up with me, though...I read the chapter I needed to cover, but I have a very limited idea of what I read! 

Technically the first day of dance class was last Tuesday, but Lainey was still sick with that stomach virus and couldn't go, so we did our back-to-dance pictures this week instead.

And then we had some ice cream from the little shop by the studio because the day just seemed to call for ice cream.

The volleyball girls had their first game last night, and we made it over to the gym to cheer them on. Avalon and Lainey must have really taken our last discussion about paying attention to the game to heart, because they were FOCUSED. Mostly on the scoreboard, and their commentary cracked me up - "Oh no, the other team got a point! I want OUR team to win! Who has more points now? Our team, our team, Mmm mmmm mmmm!"

By the time we got home and everyone had dinner and pajamas and storytime and conversation and lullabies, I was pretty much already asleep. It was an awfully satisfying kind of tired, though. I woke up this morning pretty excited to do it all again!

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  1. So fun!! The girls look so cute with their Frozen backpacks. Also, we have volleyball and I don't understand it at all! Have a great week.


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