Quick Takes!

Friday, September 4, 2015

1. We made it through in-service week! It was a blur of activity and conversation, and I know ninety percent of us will still be working on our classrooms and lessons and Big Cleaning And Moving Things Around projects all weekend, but it was a good week. I'm crazy about all of our teachers and staff, and when you're surrounded with awesome people, just about anything is fun!

2. And look! I've only been wanting to do this in my classroom for the past two? Three? years and I finally made it happen this week:

(It only happened because I begged my mama to run to Hobby Lobby for wooden boards while I was in staff development meetings, otherwise I doubt I would have managed it)
I started out wanting to print the words in different fonts and use transfer paper to put them on the boards, and then paint them in...but that got annoying really fast and I didn't love the fonts anyway. I ended up free-handing it all while referencing pictures on my phone, and coloring it in with a dry-erase marker. I know. I was going to go Sharpie, all the way, but it ran out of juice so quickly and I had an old Expo just sitting there. It ended up being nice and bleed-y, so it looked more painted. 

3. ANYWAY, crafty rambling over, I finally have my nerdy signposts up and my room is essentially finished, so yay! 

I realize that over the past ten years (!!!) that I've worked at Flint, I have slowly turned my classroom into some kind of literary cave where I am surrounded by books on all sides. Since books are definitely my version of a security blanket, I think I've created my own personal safe zone!

4. Apparently I caught the stomach bug that the girls had and didn't notice. I was irritated that I kept throwing up, because really, at five months along shouldn't we be about done with this? I just chalked it up to not getting any naps because I was at school all day. I was really busy and tired all week, so it made sense to me. But then Aaron came down with it last night and I feel a lot better today, so I think it was really the virus. Pregnancy will make you so hard core! 

5. This is probably what you would call "burying the lead" but...

We had our sonogram yesterday! And my baby is adorable and perfect and healthy in there, trying to get little fingers into a little mouth, just being a PERSON and everything! There is nothing more reassuring than a sonogram after months of worrying that it's all growing right. If memory serves, I'll keep feeling reassured for a few more weeks, then start to worry again. That's just how it goes.

6. We DID find out the gender...and then I took a turn for the dark side and decided not to tell anyone just yet. When you have three children of the same gender and get pregnant again, the sheer volume of conversations that everyone (people you love and want to talk to AND really opinionated people in Target that you never met before) about gender is cumulatively exhausting. I don't feel like I've made it through a single day without having that conversation for the past five months! I totally get it, I do, and I don't mind, but I'm still going to take a minute here for myself. 

7. Just a little minute, though. I have to bring a dessert to the back to school picnic tomorrow anyway, so I'm going to make it a gender reveal cake! I have never done anything cutesy for a gender reveal before. With Avalon, Pinterest hadn't been invented and I wasn't aware that that was A Thing. With Lainey and Phoebe, the ultrasound techs weren't positive that they could tell for sure, so it seemed ill-advised. But that doesn't mean I can't start with the fourth baby, right? Just smile and nod, I've already been looking at adorable reveal cakes on Pinterest, so there's no going back now!


  1. Love the signposts! And I think that it would be almost the best place in the world to work would be in a place surrounded by books. (The best place be is clearly on the side of a mountain somewhere, not just to work, but in general to live and be, not that I'm biased or anything. I'm hoping to do a book on a mountain tomorrow.) Also, way to go on the suspense-fulness, but I cheated and saw the photos on fb. :)

  2. I never did a big gender reveal either. It was just kind of a "we're having a boy" and that's it. I kind of regret it though. I would have loved to get everyone all psyched up about the baby's gender and then reveal in a cute way for pictures.

    Congrats by the way! I don't think I've said that yet.

    Thanks for sharing! #FridayFunday <3


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