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Friday, September 18, 2015

1. One of my projects for this week was to pre-make ALL of the game day treats for volleyball and football up through the end of October so I won't have to spend time on treats every weekend. I guess it was a little overly ambitious, because it took longer than I anticipated, but now I'm done for the rest of the season for those sports. Worth it, I say! 
(okay, except I'm still short two volleyball games, which is annoying. BUT I wanted to make volleyball cookies for one, which would be gross done in advance. I have no justification for the other, I just ran out of treats!)
Now it's all hiding out in my workroom where hopefully no starving teenager happens upon it and wreaks some untimely devastation.

2. Check it out! The result of $100 at Dollar Tree and some blatant ripping-off of stuff I saw on Pinterest!

3. We have football tonight and then we're trying something new afterwards - instead of the team going out to eat at a restaurant (which gets expensive and not everyone can go) we are throwing together a potluck meal at the school. I hope it turns out to be relatively easy to pull off and we can keep doing it after every game, because I love the community-building potential it has. Anything to make our school family stronger!

4. Has anyone ever read this book? I was trolling the school library for our new bedtime chapter book and came across it...and then realized it was my own childhood copy that I had put in the library and forgotten about. You can see on the corner where my Sheltie ate part of it. I remember this being my favorite book when I was six, so I brought it home to start with the girls. They've loved the first two chapters, and I love how well-written it is (I had pretty low expectations, honestly) but I can't FOR THE LIFE OF ME remember anything about the story. I know for a fact that I read it multiple times as a child, but all I can muster is a hazy memory of a wolf and a vague association with Pilgrim's Progress, maybe. I've decided to resist skipping ahead and just find out along with the girls!

5. I've totally revised the way we approach writing assignments in my class this year, and so far I'm really happy with it. We're taking a week of class time every month or six weeks to write essays in class so I can be on hand to help throughout the entire process. Last week we read and discussed the story of the Apple of Discord and did some invention work for it as a group, this week we had our writing time. It feels strange to be two weeks in and not have started our literature yet, but I have been pleasantly surprised with how well everyone has done on this first writing assignment. Most of them were finished by yesterday, some with enough time to start their honors credit reading. Now I have a lovely stack of essays to mark and there was SIGNIFICANTLY less wailing and gnashing of teeth to get to that point!

6. Also, this is happening:

At 21 weeks the bump finally looks like a bump! I think I may need to buy some maternity pants this weekend!

7.  Now to take my babies to the pool - we have to enjoy it while we can and I think it closes after next weekend. As dearly as I love Fall and want it to be here NOW, and in spite of the fact that Aaron brought me my first pumpkin spice latte of the season this week, it is going to be 99 degrees outside today. That's pool weather, it just is.

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  1. Your bump is so cute! I don't know how you have time for the projects and treats PLUS be a teacher! Please tell me you at least pass out from exhaustion when you finally get to sleep. You're so amazing! Thanks for sharing this with me. #FridayFunday <3


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