Some Days

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Some days your class gets to tie-dye t-shirts because you're learning about Joseph's coat of many colors.

And because your teacher is really super awesome.

Some days you get to take off your shoes and play in the sand for a long time.

And there are new dress-up clothes to play with.

Some days you cry because you left your stuffed panda (vital for naptime) at home, but then your mama finds a teddy bear for you and it's all better.

Some days you are excited to try out your new ballet shoes, and have no idea that they were partially paid for with quarters because it's the end of the month and that's just how it goes sometimes.

Some days you get to have ice cream with your friend after dance class, and write down the Chinese words she teaches you.

When you get home you get to put on an apron and make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for your sisters dinner because your mama is feeling sick.

And they think you're the best cook ever.

Some days instead of listening to a bedtime story you cuddle up to your mama in her bed and tell your stories to her. All about a mean king who made lots of bad laws, a family of bears that watched too much TV, a high five that went awry, the hugs you gave your teachers, the new dance you learned where everyone is fruit, the song you sing when it's time for calendar, how you were the first to finish the maze, how you stopped crying and got to work to finish up before recess.

Some days your stories go on long enough that you're still up when your daddy comes home from the volleyball game (that you had to miss going to this time, alas) and he gives you a candy because mama says how wonderfully helpful and sweet you were all afternoon. 

Some days you go to bed with a little chocolate smeared on your face, completely satisfied with the day you've had, totally unaware that most of the grown-ups found it to be somewhat exhausting and discouraging. And your lack of awareness reminds them that it wasn't really such a bad day after all.


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