Waiting Up

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

On game nights he's usually not home until after eleven, depending on how many players need rides home, so of course they can't wait up that late. On regular school nights, when there are only practices and rides home to consider, I can usually push bedtime back far enough that the girls have a little bit of Daddy time at the end of their day.

Because even though the days are long, and little tempers flare up so much easier after seven thirty, and the thought of tucking them all into bed and having some quiet is awfully (awfully) tempting...this is worth the wait. No matter how sweaty and exhausted and dehydrated he is when he comes home, he's never too tired for endless stories about their days, a come to Jesus talk with someone who's made poor choices, or a nice three-on-one wrestling match. They love it. Even the baby has started stirring and kicking like crazy as soon as he hears Aaron's voice in the evening. 

It's definitely worth waiting out that post-dinner witching hour, I always decide. 


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  1. Love this!! I do worry about how I am going to handle those latteeeee nights when we have kids. That is so sweet how the baby is responding! Have a great week!


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