Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, September 14, 2015

All I wanted to do all weekend was take naps! Long, glorious, pregnant lady naps! So I did, and it was awesome. I think I had to finally crash after how busy and chaotic the past two weeks were. So we had a nice, slower-paced weekend, with less places to be and more lazing around in pajamas.

I did make it to the midwife on Friday...a bit late, and definitely not wearing any makeup, but if you can't look natural at the midwife's office, where can you?

Aaron took the girls to the little park next to the birth center during my appointment, and then it was so nice outside that we stayed a while longer before heading home and spending some time at the pool. I don't think it was that much cooler all weekend, really, but the humidity really eased up so it SEEMED cooler...more crisp and refreshing, and we wanted to be outside!

We didn't even have a game on Friday night, so Aaron grilled steaks for dinner and then we got to actually sit and watch a movie together - it was crazy!

On Saturday we (lazily) did some chores around the house...Aaron finally had a minute to hang the girls' chandelier, and their room is sloooooooowly starting to come together. My next project is to somehow convert a dust ruffle into a curtain/canopy thing for their loft bed. One thing at a time, though. I keep getting distracted with ideas of how to re-do Phoebe's room so it will work for a girl AND a boy. So many ideas

We spent more time outside, too, the girls playing with sidewalk chalk and bubbles while I sat on the front porch and worked on some things for school. It doesn't always occur to me to have us play in the front yard, but it's nicer, actually, and gives us more chances to chat with our neighbors.

We had a game night, which I was sleepy enough to punk out on and callously abandon my Catan settlements. Ostensibly to give Phoebe her bath and put her to bed, but really I was just falling asleep where I was sitting. That's been happening a lot, lately! It's some kind of pregnancy narcolepsy, is my story.

Church on Sunday was fun, partly because the baby is now big enough to hear and respond to outside noises. We missed church the last two weeks because of that stomach virus, so I guess this was his first time really hearing all the singing - I felt SO MUCH activity every time we started singing! It made me smile.
So do these silly things. They're pretty great.

And then there was finally some football! Phoebe was so excited. The big girls wandered outside to play as soon as they finished eating lunch, but she snuggled up with Grandad to watch the game, informing him incessantly that, "FOOFALL! I YUV FOOFALL!"

So. Much. Cute.

I got the lunches made for the week. I'm liking my new system, and it took less time yesterday than it did last week. It does generate a fairly spectacular mess, but it's totally worth it to not have to make lunches every morning when I'm already running late. You wouldn't think it would take me THREE YEARS to figure this out, but there you go. It took me even longer to figure out a good system for getting the laundry taken care of without wanting to cry. I'm just a slow problem-solver!

Aaron and I watched the Cowboy's game (sidenote: WOOOOHOOO!) and I finished up my last task of the weekend - organizing all the game day treats for the next two months. I think I cleaned out the Dollar Tree and still came up a few games short, but I'm still covered for football and volleyball through most of October! I have everything all sorted by game now, and I just need to print out some cute tags and package everything up all pretty.

Let's go, Week Two of School!


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