Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, September 28, 2015

 Quick! A weekend wrap-up post! Aaaaand GO!

Thursday night some of the football players came over to eat five million pounds of wings, play peek-a-boo with Phoebe, and break in the new Madden game.

Flint had it's first Project Green Cord service project of the year on Friday, so I was up early making pancakes before our guys had to be there. 

This was the last weekend for the neighborhood pool to be open, so we spent one last morning swimming.

We've had fun there all summer, but it was oddly satisfying to wash the swimming suits and beach towels and pack them away until the spring. Let's go, Fall! I don't think we can give up our Friday mornings outdoors, though. I'm going to try taking the girls to walk on a nature trail every week so we can watch the seasons change gradually and make sure we're getting enough fresh air.

After they finished working hard all morning for their Green Cord hours, a bunch of the cheerleaders chose to stay at the school to bake and package up treats for the bake sale. How awesome are our teens? And staff? Our Mrs. Douglas ran the entire service project and then supervised the girls while they baked all afternoon!

I came up to help after my babies were down for their nap, but they hadn't left much for me to do. Between their baking and all of the delicious treats that parents dropped off, we actually had a bake sale that I didn't need to bake anything for. It was too crazy - I went home and baked some tarts just because I didn't know what to do with myself! Our football game was cancelled, so the guys came back home with us and played board games late into the night.

The school's next-door neighbor, Green's Produce, kindly let us set up in their parking lot and we had tons of help getting everything put together on Saturday morning. Our Flint family is constantly warming my heart with how everyone pulls together. 

I shamelessly dressed the girls in their cheer uniforms and encouraged them to make up cheers about cookies and brownies and pies to entice customers. It totally worked, too! 

We were pretty worn out from...I don't know what, sitting there all day and taking people's money? Chatting? So we crashed pretty early on Saturday night and it was awesome. The price of that was a great big pile of chores waiting after church on Sunday, but it was worth it! Aaron and I worked our way through some fairly epic to-do lists, only stopping to show the lunar eclipse to the girls. Not all of it, because hello, bedtime! But we sat out in the bed of Aaron's truck for nearly an hour and talked about the moon, eclipses, and people on the other side of the world.


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