Spirit Week!

Friday, October 30, 2015

This was Spirit Week at Flint, leading up to our Fall parties yesterday and Homecoming tonight, so needless to say it was kind of amazing. We have a LOT of school spirit! 

1. Monday was Spirit Day, ending with a pep rally for the whole school. I love our little pep rallies! All of the grammar school kiddos get so enthusiastic and have so much fun doing stuff with the big kids. Aaron loves planning and running these things (no joke, and I can't imagine enjoying directing a hundred shrieking children, but he really does. Extroverts will always be a mystery to me!) and he did a great job. We had a water balloon toss, a push-up contest, a class spirit contest, the kids got to mummify their teachers, the cheerleaders performed the awesome half-time routine they've been working on, and then the whole thing just kind of turned into a school-wide dance off.

2. Tuesday was Pajama Day for the grammar school and Tacky Day for the upper school. Pajama Day is my girls' favorite thing in the whole world, mostly because if they had it their way they would ALWAYS wear robes and fuzzy slippers to school.

Aaron and I had fun with Tacky Tuesday, but my homeroom class regretted not embracing it enough so I took them on a field trip to my costume workroom and let them tacky it up during our Christian Studies class first thing in the morning.

3. Wednesday was Pink Out Day, which needless to say did not put any kind of strain on our wardrobes here at the Hallford house!

I made the mistake of using some of the girls' hair chalk and now my longing for pink highlights is nearly impossible to repress.

4. And of course on Thursday we had our Fall parties so the theme was Halloween costumes! 

Avalon and Lainey's classes have been studying ancient Egypt, so when they were playing in my workroom and found the women's ensemble costumes I made for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat a few years ago, they HAD to be Egyptian princesses. I let Phoebe pick what she wanted from our dress-up trunk, and she knew she wanted to be Tinkerbell before I even had the thing fully open.

5. The grammar school students always come trick-or-treating in the upper school first thing, and we LOVE getting to see all of the little cuties in their costumes! 

6. The upper school students have their parties at the end of the day...we gorged on the amazing treats that the moms sent and voted on costumes and pumpkin carvings!

7. I also managed to pass out all the Homecoming mum orders before the end of the day, which looked hilarious combined with Halloween costumes.

(Miss Katie might just have been my favorite...she looks like a Goth homecoming princess! I'm pretty sure you could find the plot of an entire YA novel in this picture without even really trying.)

Weekend Wrap-Up!

Monday, October 26, 2015

This was legitimately the ideal fall weekend, y'all. It was kind of awesome!

(Full disclosure: I've been feeling slightly grumpy and discouraged for the past little while, and didn't want to either angst-blog or fake-blog, hence the not-blogging. But I feel much more cheerful now. It's impossible to stay crabby or overwhelmed when I stop and take really stock of things. I spend the vast majority of my time making things and reading books, and I get to do it with really wonderful people that I love. I'm not sure what else I could ask for!)

On Friday I spent the morning drinking tea and working on some sewing projects and mum orders (along with the obligatory trip to Hobby Lobby) while the girls hung out with Aaron. The guys had a football game (their second-to-last game of the season, eek!) that evening in the POURING RAIN. I had really planned on going to all of the games this year, but since no one was able to stay with the girls we had a chick night and I was not sad to miss out on sitting in that downpour. We snuggled up on the couch and watched Maleficent while the boys splashed in the mud.

(pictures shamelessly stolen from the Facebook pages of braver mamas than I!)

According to Aaron and the boys, playing in the rain is extra fun, which sounds crazy to me but they certainly seemed to have a good time judging from all the stories I heard. They didn't get home until almost two in the morning, soaked through and filthy, and then got up in the morning to spend the day at a fundraising project for the athletics department, loading and unloading storage units for a family we know. Anyone else need some really awesome movers? These guys are some seriously hard workers!

While the guys were gone we had a crafty day at home. I had to put the finishing touches on a bunch of Halloween costumes and the big girls got into the spirit of things with me. Avalon even helped to make part of her costume before she started making doll clothes and jewelry with scraps!

On Sunday we came home from church to feast on GiGi's amazing brisket that had been cooking all night and all morning, and then carved pumpkins. The girls told Aaron what designs they wanted and he did the actual carving after I did the gutting...they'll get to decorate with glitter and paint next weekend because we needed naptime to happen!

After we all napped we headed back to church for a fall festival and trunk-or-treat...and you know that was fun! 

We came home for some cold brisket sandwiches and then Aaron took care of the girls' baths and bedtime while I made up their lunches for the week and baked a giant batch of pumpkin spice snickerdoodles for the big kids. I didn't technically give them homework over the weekend, but I did suggest they do some work on their own time, and promised that if they could show that they had made some progress they would be duly rewarded.

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